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Sally A Curtis is an entrepreneur, speaker and mother based in Adelaide, Australia. I’ve built successful businesses while raising a child and nurturing a family. You need a sense of humour to do that!


I have learnt this one thing: To be clear on your outcome! For example, “marketing is only an expense when done incorrectly.”


I have over 20 years of Sales, Business Development & Marketing experience across a variety of industries including grocery, media, cosmetics, personal development, events & franchising.

Specialising in Content Repurposing, LinkedIn Lead Generation and filling events for many of our Australian International Business Leaders and American Community Leaders.

Known as the connector, I love nothing more than to solve your marketing or business development problems, I work with great people who also operate from their inner genius, experts with ‘been there done it’ experience.


I know that you have so much inside your head, stored in cupboards, written in your books, so many opportunites sitting around you…..waiting…just waiting to be seen and Amplified!



Because, someone like me, showed me the way and gave me wings to soar.  That is my gift for you!

Sally is Captivating, engaging, fun and, finally… she has personality!


It’s made her a go-to trainer and speaker for businesses, big and small, to simplify marketing strategies, to capitalise on their networks and spike profitability. Fast.


Sally’s helped Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, exponentially boosting their companies’ growth with simple, whip-smart methods of marketing, networking, planning and teaching.


She is changing the face of marketing and business growth forever, starting by helping highly motivated business owners to simplify their marketing, increase their leads and sales dramatically while still having fun!


Her ‘Fort Knox’ of marketing insights and business efficiency is the click-factor Sally has with business owners. P-r-o-v-e-n techniques, expert knowledge and case studies to utilise resources, build networks, and optimise time, on and offline. Guaranteed? Absolutely.


25 years, people. Sally’s expansive knowledge from retail, media, fashion and franchising has created killer marketing strategies… all ready to hit your boardroom and empower your team. Sally is a Speaker Coach and executive trainer

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  • Katherine Evans
    02/03/2022 at 7:29 am

    Katherine Evans
    Customers Experience and Retail Activist

    Sally’s ability to capture the essence of what you do and help you monetise your opportunities are amazing. The growth and movement I have made to my business in the short time I have been working with Sally have been well worth the investment. Thanks again, Sally.

  • Karen Patterson
    02/03/2022 at 7:28 am

    Karen Patterson
    Technology Transfer and Research Commercialisation, Flinders University,

    Thank you Sally for teaching us that ‘It’s not the “how to…” but the “who to go to”’ that makes all the difference in taking our take our science/research to the next level. Identifying and mapping our professional network was insightful, informative and an eye opener when we realised the resources we could tap in to. Thanks for also demonstrating that the ‘who to go to’ is only a simple connection away! I would thoroughly recommend Sally to anyone who seriously wants grow their network, improve their networking skills and to create a truly personalised brand.

  • Jane Anderson
    02/03/2022 at 7:28 am

    Jane Anderson
    Authentic Leadership Speaker And Branding Expert

    Sally did a fabulous job speaking to our local PSA chapter on our marketing and business growth activities. Her session was via remote dial-in and worked perfectly. Fun, practical, creative and insightful. Thanks so much Sally!

  • Duane Alley
    02/03/2022 at 7:26 am

    Duane Alley
    Owner at Duane Alley Training

    ‘Sally is exceptional. Her ability to connect the right people at the right time is a gift. Sally is the perfect person for helping to see the power in your own network and to create the best connections for joint ventures and strategic alliances.

    She has an in-depth knowledge of the power and purpose of connecting people in business and the skills and experience to do so in a professional and effective way. Sally is always looking for the greatest win for all parties and her excitement for projects that she is working on is infectious for all those working with her.

    With skills in operations, marketing, sales, strategy, communications, and people management / leadership she is able to seamlessly integrate all aspects and elements of even the most complex venture, deal or alliance in a way that makes it seem easy and effortless.

    Thank you, Sally.

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