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In these challenging times the need to adjust and recode your leadership to meet the unique demands placed on our organisations by the fallout of Covid-19 is the new relaity that all leaders must learn to overcome.

Organisations worldwide will need to embark on bold transformations as they continually struggle through challenges related to mindset, culture and leadership. The very people who have built these great businesses are feeling less and less significant in the ever-changing digital world.

This keynote will ignite your drive to reconsider your purpose. You will learn how important it is to leverage your experience while embarking on a practical learning journey to: Reskill, Retool, Reinvent & Recode your Leadership.

What will I takeaway from this keynote?

  • Scott presents four simple steps that serve as lights on a path for the next generations of executives young and old. You can use these steps to analyze and transform your organisation.
  • Deep case studies and insights will help you to develop self awareness and strategies to reinvent your value and purpose in a world saturated with technology - to not only survive but also thrive.
  • Prospective leaders will learn how the modern reality is now different from what they were taught at business school and will get their leadership career off to the best start.

Recode Your Leadership

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Virtual Rate: Range - USD $8 000 - $12 500


Malaysia-Singapore Second Link, Gelang Patah, Singapore

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January 2021
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