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Scott McKain has a unique style has earned him induction into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame — and his remarkable content earned him membership (along with Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, and Og Mandino) as one of only 24 selected for inclusion in the Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame. He is currently “Corporate Educator in Residence” at High Point University, named by U.S. News & World Report as the nation’s “most innovative” university.

Creating Your Distinctive Program

Securing Scott for your event ensures your audience will be impacted by an ICONIC keynote.

On your first planning call, Scott will listen to your goals and learn about your audience and meeting theme. Utilizing this insight, you will receive a customized pre-event video to distribute to participants prior to your program so your attendees can meet Scott and discover some of the tangible takeaways they can expect.

The virtual presentation curated specifically for your event may be delivered:

  • by live streaming
  • pre-recorded custom presentation of high quality delivered to you
  • live event that includes pre-recorded content
  • pre-recorded custom presentation of high quality that includes “on stage” content delivered to you

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Virtual Topics


    What To Do When “Great” Isn’t Good Enough to Grow Your Business


    In this keynote or workshop, Scott teaches how to create distinction. He will show you how to deliver ultimate customer experiences® to earn customers for life.


    The most important question we must confront is: “WHY would we get chosen instead of our competition?”


    In this high-impact keynote, Scott shares distinctive stories from his extensive case studies. He provides the specific action steps that every professional must undertake to stand out and move up. And he will show you how to avoid commoditization by expanding your innovation.


    Scott’s insights on current trends have been globally recognized as cutting edge. His masterful storytelling ability means your attendees will enjoy the speech — and execute the strategies.


    Your outcome will be an audience prepared to drive business growth by creating distinction — personally and professionally.

    Planning your next meeting, annual conference or association convention? You goal is for an inspired and engaged audience ready to take action with tangible value from the meeting experience. That’s what Scott McKain delivers.


    Key Audience Takeaways:

    • The ability to avoid the mistakes of commoditization
    • Improved results from learning the specific steps to create distinction
    • Improved appreciation of the importance of personal responsibility in organizational growth
    • Expanded skills and thinking on the important issue of innovation
    • Enhanced clarity about goals and organizational direction
    • Knowledge of communication approaches that transcend generational differences
    • Discovery of the specific steps required to deliver superior experiences for customers


    Delivering What Customers REALLY Want


    There is a stunning difference between what customers want and what most organizations offer. And, as Scott McKain’s research proves, this widening gulf creates dissatisfaction, distrust, and –worst of all for any business — disloyalty.


    What customers really want today is a superior client experience. Certainly, they want good service, a great product, and a competitive price. However, what creates client loyalty is a connection through personalization, differentiation, and emotion.


    A critical question for you is: What is the ultimate experience that a customer could have as they do business with your organization? Scott McKain has vast experience and cutting-edge strategies on how to create distinction and deliver ultimate customer experiences®.


    Your participants will discover what it takes to produce undying loyalty and endless referrals. By sharing specifics and stories from the iconic companies within Scott’s portfolio of case studies, you’ll discover how to deliver ultimate experiences to both internal and external customers.


    If you’re planning your next meeting, conference or convention, you want your audience to be inspired and engaged. You want them to leave prepared to take action and deliver tangible value. This program will specifically show them how to engage distinctively to expand customer loyalty and enhance business growth.

    Key Audience Takeaways:

    • The five steps of an Ultimate Customer Experience
    • Why the experience – and not service – generates loyalty; and what you need to do to create it
    • The information you need to personalize the experience, in order to intensify the customer’s commitment to your organization
    • The Six Disconnections Between Organizations and Customers — and how to bridge the gaps so you can engage distinctively

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