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Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer, and Comedy Mentalist, Sean Bott grew-up in Saudi Arabia, where inhaling desert-dust and scorching-heat has severely warped his brain.

The good news is, he can now provide training, tool sets, and inspiration that will reconnect you, your company, and your campus with humanity. He will help you solve the human disconnect created by world wide technological interconnectedness.

He has entertained corporate audiences such as: 20th Century Fox, Disney, and Pacific Steel. Corporate audiences love his blend of hilarious character and psychic entertainment (just wait until you see their reactions for yourself). Sean’s been featured on MTV, Sci-Fi and the CW. His film credits include Disney’s Guide to Life, the Sci-Fi Channel’s Dead Rail, and 127 Hours with James Franco.


Although most agree Sean’s mental feats are awesome, it’s his speaking and training for corporate spaces that leave you wondering why you didn’t find him sooner.


Your sales and marketing teams will remember what it’s like to speak “human” and your organizational culture will move from texts and touchscreens to handshakes and the lost art of eye contact (shh, don’t be afraid).


Book Sean if you’re ready to (re)learn the Art of Connection and remember how building lasting, trusting relationships actually required (and still does) a sense of belonging, mutual understanding, and (yep) sharing the human experience.


Sean Bott, entertainer, mind-reader and comedian has performed for more than 300,000 people nationwide. His unique style of comedy combined with the power of mind blowing connection will leave your audience breathless, asking for more. They’ll laugh. They’ll gasp. They’ll love it.


the reading of minds, emotions, experiences, as if by superhuman means.


any humorous incident or series of incidents.


something affording pleasure, diversion, or amusement, especially a performance of some kind:

Learn to See, Hear and Feel To Create Connections That Last

Culturally we’re losing the ability to connect human to human, heart to heart. We may be the most interconnected and disconnected group of people that’s ever walked the earth.


Empathy has reduced over 50% in the past decade. This means we’ve stopped reaching for and trying to understand each others experiences. This isolation impacts employee retention, profitability, organizational culture and behavior, and impacts organizational trends negatively.


We forget in a world of technology, texts, and touchscreens that we’ve lost the art of connection.


Sean Bott has spent 15,000 hours on stage, entertained 300,000 audience members, performed in 47 states, trained in hypnosis and comedy improv. He’s also spent 25 years studying psychology, human behavior, connection vs. isolation, decision making, and why we do what we do. None of it means a hoot, unless your audience is changed by the 45-minute keynote.

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