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Self Resilience | Ready Made Powerpoint

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  • PowerPoint presentation
  • 17 slides with notes to familiarize yourself
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  • Ideas and thoughts from Motivation - Resilience - Grit
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About the Speaker

The word Resilience usually denotes something like “Elasticity”. Like a tree that bends in a storm from the wind or a material that after being stretched or bent returns to its original shape. Self Resilience is about bouncing back.


Resilience takes on new forms to meet demands of new situations.  Learn to become more resilient and survive through a bumpy ride.

Stop worrying about things you cannot control.



Sleep is the key to building resilience. There are plenty of scientific reports to support a good night’s sleep, yet fewer of us are doing this. The WHO has reported we are in a sleep-loss epidemic and this is a cognitive and emotional time bomb.


We have all  worked through the night and the next day to meet a deadline but then we lose concentration, we don’t perform tasks to the best of our ability. Sleep loss takes its toll on Resilience as we become emotionally and mentally weaker.


Alcohol or that “nightcap” can also rob us of the deep sleep we require, and this is the most restorative and restful part of sleep cycle. Avoid heavy meals close to bedtime and as creatures of habit we go to bed same time at night…

About the Video

How to use this in your teams?

This 17 slide powerpoint comes with notes on most of the slides

  • These notes are not only guidelines but to be used with your own thoughts and ideas.
  • The template can be elaborated by you or as an exercise with your team to build resilience and grit.
  • A few images of some slides are in the gallery.
  • Use this as a 10 -15 minute filler during a live or virtual event
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