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Hi, we’re SnackMagic—the build-your-own snack box that’s super easy to give and ridiculously fun to get.

You know that saying, “it’s better to give than to receive”?

Yeah, well, that’s not entirely true.

Because if you’ve ever had to buy a gift for the relative who has everything, or for a team of 652 remote employees, or for a massive crowd of virtual event guests you’ve never even met, you know: It’s waaaayyy more stressful to give than to receive.

SnackMagic is the snack box that takes all the pressure off of gifting. We’re the only service that lets people pick which goodies they get, and we make it simple.

Whether you’re sending to one person or 100,000, everyone gets to build their own box from a menu of 2000+ unique options.

It’s the un-screw-uppable gift everybody loves.

We were born in 2020 as a direct result of the global pandemic. What began to temporarily save our office lunch delivery business (since, you know, nobody was in their offices) became a beautiful, lasting pivot.

We’ve shipped millions of snacks worldwide, and we’re just getting started.

Because if there’s anything we need coming out of 2020—and will continue to need for like, eternity—it’s less stress,

more fun, and the joy of giving (and getting) a stash of snacks that don’t suck.

That’s the magic of SnackMagic.

Refreshments for your remote folks

Build-Their-Own Snack Box

Send them a stash of snacks they get to pick themselves.

Curated Snack Boxes

Ship them a themed box put together by our resident tastemakers.

Treat any employee in any place

We deliver anywhere worldwide. Whether your remote employees are 10 or 10,000 miles from the office, we’ll get them their goodies.

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Nibbles for your on-site squad

Goodie Bags (or Boxes)

Give everyone their own stash of snacks.

Bulk Cases

Bring in a big batch of everyone’s favorite treats.

Grab & Go Trays

Serve up a themed or customized medley of 100 snacks.

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Our team is committed to bringing the most unique and exciting snacks from across the globe. We take chances on new brands you may not yet see elsewhere.  With a wide selection of over 600 snacks & beverages, you’ll have a blast discovering new trends. Whether you’re health-conscious or just straight-up indulgent, the SnackMagic menu is made up of a variety of hidden gems brought together to meet the needs of every type of person.


Each brand brought on to our menu must go through a rigorous selection process backed by data to make sure we have a collection of products that are truly the best of the best. Partnering with both local and international brands, SnackMagic is on a mission to give the gift of discovery.  With a rotation of new products, you’ll always find something new to add to your favorites.

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