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Stand Up For Sales | Video Keynote

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Improve your strike rate by learning the way of “funny”.

It’s important to remember that success depends on how likeable you are as a person because the customer buys into YOU not the product.

When you pick up the phone and hear those infamous lines, you usually switch off.

Let Kurt show you how to cleverly change the way you do things in order to get results. It’s time for those outdated scripts to get a makeover.

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About the Speaker

Kurt Schoonraad is one of South Africa’s most instantly recognisable stand-up comedians who now brings you his virtual keynote on Stand Up For Sales with comedy.


With his earthy humour and comedic range he connects with audiences from every corner of South Africa, not to mention internationally, even making the front page of the New York Times.


The actor and comedian says that hailing from Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town, one of South Africa’s largest townships, Kurt Schoonraad was highly influential in developing his sense of humour and comedy style.

About the Video

Picking up the phone and hearing a call center agent say the very generic “Hello, how are you,” immediately results in irritable clients.


So how do you innovatively captivate the person on the other side of the line?


Kurt Schoonraad is confident that the planning system stand-up comedians’ use on stage can be implemented in sales and equate to an increase in business.


About this Video


When a comedian walks on stage, they have little to no time in order to grab their audience’s attention. An assumption is made pretty fast however if it’s positive, you’ll have their ears for as long as you want!


Kurt will show you the basic survival guide that comedians use to last on stage while holding their audiences attention. A couple of sample tricks in the bag will be explained so that you can interact a whole lot better with your potential client.


This technique will be adjusted to the environment of sales communication and presentation. Your skill quality will inevitably increase.

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