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As the world is changing, we need innovation more than ever.
Digitally we’ve never been more connected, even though we may be limited physically due to COVID-19. Constraints, whether we choose them or they’re required from the outside, are one of the necessities of innovation. Now more than ever there’s an opportunity and need to create something new.

Sterling’s powerful keynotes are now being offered LIVE ONLINE for all of your events.

Specializing in Innovation and Transformational Leadership, Sterling is committed to delivering value and inspiration to your audience, as if they were experiencing his keynote in person.

Just as he has done on stages around the world, impacting the lives of thousands of people, companies, and organizations of all sizes, he will transform your event online.

Book Sterling online as he brings the power & magic of his live stage keynotes to you in a virtual world.


In the new world we’re all living in, I look with you for how we can use whatever limits we have as a springboard for significant positive change.

My team and I work with you every step of the way to make sure your event is valuable, customized to your audience, and fun! Utilizing music, online engagement tools and and cutting-edge measurement technology, I promise I’ll deliver actionable takeaways, hilarious stories stories and meaningful case studies to to create lasting change well beyond the virtual keynote.


It’s important that your event is customized to fit your needs and the needs of your audience. I work with my team and you to create a unique event to produce an unforgettable event experience. Here’s some of what we already have in place…

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Studio Quality Recording

Studio Quality: We’ve just upgraded our home recording studio with top quality audio and video capabilities. It’s also a wired internet connection to ensure as strong a feed as possible. Formats offered are based on your needs:

  • Pre-recorded keynote with Q&A from audience submitted in advance

  • Pre-recorded keynote with live Q&A

  • Full keynote and/or workshop live with live Q&A


Active Audience Participation: I know that just watching “another webcast” can be boring… Instead of just watching, I’ll get your audience engaged. As people are interacting and engaging it becomes much more fun, and maybe more importantly, impactful for every single person attending.

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Live Entertainment

Experiential (digitally): One of the things clients love is when I create a human experience in keynotes [check this one out!] I love including something moving, dramatic and unexpected (it’s so much fun). Certain keynotes are designed to include live or pre-recorded musical components to enhance the message and we can do the same in the virtual world. By integrating music throughout the keynote we keep audiences moved and inspired beyond words.

Lasting Impact

Lasting Impact: All virtual keynotes are recorded and available to the client for a period of two weeks. It can be shared internally with larger groups or even reviewed from people that have seen it before. Having the ability to go back to key sections and take more in-depth notes supports even greater learning and take-aways from any keynote.

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Production Partners

Production Quality: Quality of experience is massively important for the entire virtual conference or meeting, especially for the keynote. We have virtual production partners to support streaming the keynote alone from a virtual stage or even facilitating your entire program.


The Innovation Gap™
The Illusion of the Impossible™
How Leaders Innovate

Virtual Demo Video
Platform Used

Zoom, Broadcasting Studio


Canyon Drive, Los Angeles, CA, USA


External Broadcasting Studio

Video Background

No Distractions, Professional Background


Artificial lights, Professional Studio


External Microphone, Professional Audio Microphones

Chat Boxes

Interacts with Audience, Yes for Keynotes, Yes for Workshops

Polls & Questions

Q&A Sessions

Breakout Rooms

Yes for Workshops, Yes for Keynotes

Visual Aids

Whiteboards, Virtual Presentations on shared screens

Background Noise

No Background Noise


Uses multi cameras with switching, 2 Cameras

January 2021
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

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