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Still Human is a collective of passionate, highly skilled better-makers who believe that 'Work Shouldn't Suck'. No matter what happens in the world and no matter how fast technology advances, human beings will always be involved as innovators and users. Still Human's mission is to make the world of work a better place for human beings.

Our extensive research over the past five years has taught us what the critical components of human experience in the workplace are. We have curated these 12 components into a working model that guides the creation and leading of employee experience, and we call these the Essentials of a Company Behaving Awesomely [ CBA ].

Organisations that are intentional about employee experience find that they achieve double the amount of meaningful innovation outputs compared to those that don’t prioritize employee experience. Hence an organisation’s ability to respond to market needs and remain relevant is directly linked to the quality of the employee experience that they create and lead.

The Leading for Sustainable Performance leadership development program is relevant for leaders at all levels. As leaders and as colleagues we are constantly creating experiences for the people around us, and these are moments that either switch them on and grow them or switch them off and deplete them. It should be everyone's responsibility to be aware of the impact that they have on the people that they lead and/or work with... there are no neutral moments.

The Leading for Sustainable Performance program equips leaders with the critical skills that enable and drive the behaviours required for the organisation to move forward and thrive by leveraging culture and employee experience.


  • What the best leaders do with intention and consistency to create environments to which awesome people want to come, do come and choose to stay.
  • What great leaders do to ensure that people are being switched on & grown and that they are contributing at their highest levels, delivering exceptional work and living the company’s culture.
  • The role and importance of trust and psychological safety in creating an awesome employee experience and a thriving business.
  • Moments that matter and the introduction of the different types of moments.
  • The Essentials Model as a framework of critical components for creating, leading and sustaining culture and employee experience.
  • Growth mindset and it’s significance.
  • Personalised leadership, knowing and understanding different individuals and how to switch them on and align them and their personal goals and objectives to those of the Organisation.
  • The Leaky Gut Leadership Model
  • Understanding behaviours that need to be celebrated and those that will not be tolerated

Do you know what experience your employees are having? Are you perhaps making assumptions about their experience? Our research shows that there are 12 critical components of Employee Experience and our assessment measures experience in all 12, heat-mapping your super-strengths, vulnerabilities and mission-critical focus areas and providing research-backed recommendations and shift strategies.

We offer a variety of keynote talks both online and in the room. We're a SETA accredited training provider with courses in 'Leading for Experience' and more!

We have also recently launched our coaching process which offers focused 'Employee Experience Design coaching' to leaders and executives.

Also - watch this space for the launch of our Employee Experience Academy!

In creating businesses to which the best people want to come, do come and choose to stay it is extremely important to get culture and Employee Experience right. However, we know how overwhelming it can be to execute on culture and experience strategically and consistently. We offer consulting services to enable and assist our clients in designing and sustaining awesome company culture and exceptional experience.

Designing an awesome company culture is not a 'quick' process, but it is an exceptionally important one. Our Camino Process identifies and articulates all of the steps required in getting culture right and becoming a Company Behaving Awesomely.  This includes the design and curation of culture handbooks, recognition programs, induction programs and much more!

Looking for an Employee Experience Orchestrator, Officer, Manager, Maestro? We know they're not very easy to find - we can help. We offer a full EXO recruitment service whether you're looking for a full-time, part-time or project-based person. Get in touch for more info.

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