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Sureshnie Rider has been involved in radio for 20 years and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the respective platforms of each sphere of Radio she has worked in, i.e.Community Radio, Regional Radio, PBS radio as well as Commercial radio thus brings a competitive advantage to each.

She is passionate about radio, presentation, production and the development of programming in all of it’s multi-facets. Creativity comes naturally to her, and being a radio presenter already, she can truly relate to each aspect; from Programming to Presenting.

She is extremely connected to the environment on a Social Media level, which she finds is extremely beneficial to understanding a station’s LSM’s as well as what brands are attracting these core audiences and markets.

5fm’s Sureshnie Rider, hosts the 5fm Top40 and is a News Reader on the National Radio station. Bubbly, Passionate, Positive and Energetic best describes Sush, as she is affectionately known On and Off air. She is a firm believer in the philosophy of what the eyes can see the hands can do’. She is a Radio Personality, Dj/MC/Voiceover artist/Motivational Speaker and Community Builder.

Sureshnie started off her career at campus based Durban Youth Radio, following her Journalism Qualification. She then moved onto to Gagasi Fm as a news reader and journalist, before joining National station Lotus FM as a Weekday Presenter.

Sureshnie left her hometown of Durban for the bright lights of Johannesburg, and joined National radio station – 5fm, her dream job, as an on air presenter and news reader. She currently hosts and produces the ‘MTN Radio Awards’ best Weekend Show’ , the 5fm Top40, and presents news on the Rob Forbes Show Monday to Friday.

Radio is in me. At Age 5 I tried to take a radio apart, because I wanted to see what the presenters were doing, and then I was concerned that at night, no one would be feeding them, curious Sureshnie always wanting to know more. This has been the premise of my career. Wanting to know more…hungry to learn and be educated

Sureshnie strives in her personal life to make differences in the Lives of Others. She Co-Founded and launched an anti-rape and anti-crime campaign called Blow the Whistle alongside Legacy Lifestyle.

This is a campaign that literally promotes the blowing of a whistle, to alert for help. As an ambassador she throws herself into her projects and is hoping that the Blow The Whistle project can be part of everyday life. She’s passionate about South Africa and keeping the treasure of its people safe and secure.

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