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Taking time to celebrate and review leadership highlights

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Season 2 of leadership highlights live is coming to an end with one final episode that celebrates a thrilling season of conversations, coaching sessions, and a few solos – 57 episodes in total! That’s something to celebrate.

The big themes of the season are:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Thriving through challenges
  3. Defining your leadership style with daily habits

To wrap up the season I leave you with nuggets from my favorite and here’s a brief summary from me.

Leadership is not about the title you hold. It’s not a stamp of approval or a license to tell people what to do. You are always leading someone, at the very least yourself, so a good dose of self-awareness is necessary to create the presence and impact you desire.

It begins with you!

Leadership is also not just about keeping on doing the things you’re good at and staying in the safe zone. You’re always going to experience challenges, mistakes, and failures and that’s why it’s important to connect to purpose, people and know the impact you want to have in this world, beyond profit. That’s what keeps you going through the tough times.

And finally, it’s the daily actions and habits you take that define your leadership style and keep moving you forward. Everything you do (and how you do it) sets you apart as a leader who’s confident, inspiring, and gets results.

This is the journey we took in this season of Leadership Live podcast. Enjoy the highlights I picked for you that helped us dive into the depths of self-awareness. Hear about what you can do with the experiences and challenges you have in life.

Are there habits you need to develop or perhaps some you want to get rid of?
Listen to the soundbites in today’s Leadership Live Podcast Episode 57 and get inspired! 
Season 2 Finale: Self-awareness, leadership habits & sharing stories of challenge and success.

How are you doing to change your leadership and your life for the better? 
Would you like to get clear on the daily actions and habits that define your leadership style and set you apart as an extraordinary leader? Check out our CEO Bootcamp here.
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