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Afflicted with debilitating Rheumatoid Arthritis which has resulted in needing to use a wheelchair, Tarryn Tomlinson is a published writer, philanthropist, business woman, life coach and expert in the Law of Attraction.

Bringing a unique perspective gained from overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges in life, Tarryn captivates her audience with her experiences of magical outcomes. She also gives practical advice to help people tap into internal resources so that they can be more, do more and live happier lives.

From manifesting the life of a millionaire in Italy in one year; despite having no income, to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in her wheelchair, Tarryn knows how to make seemingly impossible situations come about. She is vivacious, humorous, positive and due to her talks and media appearances, she has inspired people all around the world.

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South Africa

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Sea Point Promenade, Sea Point, Cape Town, South Africa


Don't Waste a Good Crisis
Within each crisis lies a seed of opportunity, a seed which if nurtured, can become your greatest triumph.

Everybody Is a Genius...
But if you judge a fish for it's ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.
Tarryn unpacks the 9 types of intelligence and how you can unleash the genius within you.

How High is Your Mountain?
We all have challenges in our lives, some challenges seem insurmountable. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair some said would be impossible! Tarryn shares her story of victory and the lessons she learnt whilst trekking up Africa's tallest mountain in a wheelchair. Lessons in facing all challenges head on and triumphantly.

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