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If you are looking for an inspiring story that has the power to transform lives- then Tarryn Tomlinson is the speaker for you. This power house of a woman; TV presenter, metaphysical coach, human rights activist, adventurer, writer and philanthropist has spent over twenty years studying the power of human potential and teaches people how to tap into their internal resources.

At the age of nineteen years, when most of her peers were enjoying their youth, Tarryn was undergoing her greatest battle ever, her body inflammed with rheumatoid arthritis was crippling all her joints -until she could no longer walk. It was during those dark times with no resources or hope for the future, that she came to know a power that resides within each one of us - a power so great that it can transform any situation. A power she came to discover is miraculous.

Bringing a unique perspective gained from overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges in life, from overcoming her disability, to manifesting the life of a millionnaire with no money to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Tarryn captivates her audience with her experiences of magical outcomes. She also gives practical advice on how her audience can tap into this power so that they can be more, do more and live happier lives.

She is vivacious, humorous, positive and will set your audience on fire (with passion, not inflammation).

Keynote Topic #2

    Don't waste a good crisis


    Within each crisis lies a seed of opportunity, a seed which if nurtured, can become your greatest triumph. Tarryn shows the audience how to turn their crisis into triumphs.


    • How to accept life as it happens
    • It isn't what happens to you that counts, but rather what you do with it
    • How to identify opportunities within a crisis

    Everyone who has ever had a misfortune or crisis happen to them.

Keynote Topic #3

    How high is your mountain?

    We all have challenges in our lives, some challenges seem insurmountable. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair some said would be impossible! Tarryn shares her story of victory and the lessons she learnt whilst trekking up Africa's tallest mountain in a wheelchair. Lessons in facing all challenges head on and triumphantly.

    • Challenges are inevitable if you are to live a fulfilled life, so how do you face them?
    • You can get by with the right attitude and knowing how to utilize your network

    Anyone wanting to get a better understanding of how to be resilient in the face of challenges.

Speaker Details
  • Spoken Languages
    English (Mother Tongue) Italian ( Fluent: Spoken and written) Afrikaans (Spoken)
  • Accents & Dialects

    Cape coloured accent

    Italian dialects and accents

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