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Tazim Elkington a.k.a The Indian Black Butterfly offers unique methodologies that have empowered countless individuals and groups to live more fulfilled lives.

Her array of services include being an “Evolutionary Disrupter,” 21st Century Corporate Authentic Leadership Trainer, Speaker, Writer, Paradigm Shifter

Her more recent addition as one of Kenya’s most successful Hypnotherapists which includes Transpersonal Regression and Talk Therapy.

Hypnotherapy is an invaluable tool for healing and understanding at the deepest levels for her clients.

Tazim is certified by the Austraiasian Board as a Psychosomatic Therapist added to her countless accolades and awards for her work within various fields locally in Kenya and internationally.

Tazim’s quest began with herself over 30 years ago. Having worked in high profile positions from General Manager to Director of Sales & Marketing to Managing Consultant, all that glam and glitz did not cut it for her.

Life has been a challenge for Tazim since her childhood that brought countless life issues to the surface.

The only place to find the answers were inside herself, invaluable wisdom she now shares in her work and daily life.

Transcendental Meditation led Tazim to becoming a TM-Sidha (an advanced practitioner) in 2006 which catapulted her to going even deeper and learning to transcend the many layers of life.

Tazim returned to Kenya a decade ago after living in Canada for nine years and started to carve her own path with her unique methodologies that would challenge people to live their best lives possible.

Authenticity, integrity and open communication are the groundwork of her life!

Her profound understanding of Universal Values is the foundation for her work which creates immense shifts within leaders, organizations, family units and individuals.

Tazim’s sessions are unconventional and ground-breaking. She disrupts distorted beliefs, behaviours, perceptions, habits and attitudes! She has impacted lives globally including Kenya, Canada, USA, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, United Kingdom, Italy, Papua Guinea and more…

Tazim Elkington

When engaging with Tazim be ready to be (R)Evolutionized!

Tazim has a pulse for coming up with the solutions to help top management lead creatively and powerfully, pinpointing how every team member can succeed.

Results Oriented
A unique approach to managing blocks and harnessing personal development, individuals and organizations can fulfill their collective potential.

Tazim’s methods are distinct in how they address immediate and recurring issues vital to an organizations’ success in today’s unpredictable markets.

About My Services
All organizations are eyeing change and more effective leadership, especially in tough times where traditional methods are not achieving desired outcomes.

Tazim’s dynamic and 21st Century approach inspires those at the helm to lead with inspiration, motivation and achieve well rounded results.

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