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Teamwork Keynote | Lessons from The Big Cats

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Message: How to get exceptional results from (truly) exceptional teamwork


Lions are able to hunt massive prey sometimes 10x their own body weight, that no other predator can hunt. What makes the lion able to get these exceptional results?


In this video Lorne shares stories and lessons of exactly how synergy, strategy, strength, relationships, and collaboration make the lion pride the most powerful team in the African bush.

Who is this for?

All organisations, any small or large teams, C-Suite, executive, management or working teams, sports/athletes and support staff teams, etc.

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About the Speaker

Lorne Sulcas has spoken on the world’s biggest stages on lessons from the big cats of Africa and how to change your Teamwork strategy and outcome. He appears on CNN. His clients include organizational giants on five continents, from NASA to Hershey’s, Tesco to Rolls Royce.


Since 1996, Top International Motivational Keynote Speaker Lorne Sulcas has been ‘WOW’ing’ and transforming top teams and organizations around the world with his unique Thriving in a Wild World™ presentations: time-tested success secrets from the most successful survivors on the planet – Africa’s Big Cats.


His keynotes are one-of-a-kind. Unforgettable. Not anything your audience has seen before. Nor anything they'll ever see again.


And tailored to your bespoke context.

About the Video

This video is the full virtual Keynote filmed professionally in a Studio from Lorne Sulcas. The video focuses on TEAMWORK and stories around the BIG CATS on African Wildlife


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Length: 30 minutes, 43 seconds (30.43)


Password: Full video is password protected. You have access on purchase to the full video link and password in the Purchase NOTE.


  • Lorne provides a full Video Keynote on Teamwork which has been filmed in a Professional studio.
  • This virtual keynote is available for you to use for your teams as he shares lessons he learnt from The Big Cats as a tracker in Sabi Sabi Game reserve in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.
  • Lorne does not do a live virtual keynote which is why he has recorded this Keynote on TEAMWORK along with further DinKEYnotes on CHANGE and then his full 1 hour Keynote on Thriving in a Wild World.
  • These are all available only through WeSpeak Global to purchase and view through a private Vimeo channel.
  • You can on purchase, book a live Q&A session with Lorne and he will join live after his DinKEYnote as required to answer any questions you or your team may have.
  • Introduction video is above and this is the first 3 minutes of the full Virtual Keynote from Lorne Sulcas.
Introduction Video
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