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Be The Giant:

You got through one of the most turbulent times in recent memory. Well done!

Difficult Conversations

How you resolve conflict and engage employees in your company

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Unless you know what to look for, conflict can hijack your best intentions.

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 Leon will help you and your senior leaders align your employees needs with your business needs and get the best out of your staff and teams.

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About the Speaker

Leon Bamforth is an in-demand teamwork business consultant, commercial mediator and professional speaker who helps business succeed by building connected teams that share visions and avoid nightmares.

Leon Bamforth is an award winning speaker and business consultant who has led and facilitated multi-million pound (GBP) large scale transformation programmes for large and multi-national corporations.

Working in, as well as with, business is a big part of what he does.

Without any costly investment in new technology or restructuring you can increase productivity and profits simply by improving trust and connection within and between teams.

Helping them discover a shared vision of why what they do matters.

As a by-product everyone is happier!

About the Video

Leon Bamforth believes many business problems do not need more technology but more humanity. Improving communication within and between teams, through better listening to our emotional and human needs, can increase productivity and profits without any costly investment in new technology.


As a recovering techie, Leon was an expert in the art of not listening and thought emotions were for normal people. He has since come to the light and has learnt to let go of the irrational belief that he is rational and instead listens for the deep emotions that drive us all. If he can throw off his anorak, imagine what you could do!

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