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The Best Employees are the Ones Who Understand the Bigger Picture

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The Best Employees are the Ones Who Understand the Bigger Picture


We often talk about the best leadership qualities, but we should be talking about the best qualities of an employee. The best employees are the ones that know their efforts contribute to something bigger than themselves. They see how their work has an impact on their team and their company. I’ve seen this work time and time again in my years as an entrepreneur. Some of my most valuable employees have been those who realize they are not working in a silo but instead are part of something larger than just their own tasks and goals. They see the bigger picture.

You Are Part of Something Larger

People who aren’t as motivated to succeed as others don’t realize how much they can do for their team, company and customers. A great employee understands that even if he or she isn’t in charge of a big project, his or her work is still vital to its success. They understand that their every effort contributes to something larger than themselves.


People will follow you if they understand your goals

Communication is a crucial part of being a good employee. Whether you’re working in an office or a home-based business, your boss will be happy to know that you understand what you’re doing and why. Make sure your employer knows about your goals and ambitions for yourself, even if it isn’t directly related to your job description. The best bosses treat their employees like people, not puppets, so communicate with them on that level.


Communicate with your team

Being a team player doesn’t mean you have to be a yes-man. If you don’t agree with an idea, you can voice your dissent without getting into an argument. Try saying something like I understand what you’re suggesting, but I believe it will work better if we do it differently. Being direct and succinct helps everyone better understand your point of view and potentially (if there’s merit in it) make necessary changes.


Commitment pays off in the long run

Think of a person who has found success and ask yourself, What separates them from everyone else? It could be they have a better work ethic than others. It could be they have a strong set of values or a goal-oriented mindset. Whatever it is, ask yourself if you share that same quality. If you don’t, then make a point to develop it so that you can achieve your goals and make an impact in your company and its community. We all must be thinking of the bigger picture.


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Joshua M Evans has built his career around the mission to provide leaders and teams with the tools to find their purpose and passion for the work they do.


When engagement and the sense of purpose is strong, people thrive as does the ultimate success of an organization.

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