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Barbara Kamba-Nyathi, an international award winner, is a lifestyle & wellness coach, psychotherapist, intuitive healer, inspirational speaker, best selling author, mediator, child and sport psychologist.  She is the founder and CEO of Bold Dialogue and the chief editor of Bold Dialogue magazine.  Barbara is a Tony Elumelu Foundation alumni, Cherie Blair Foundation alumni, Namibia FlyingLabs in-house psychotherapist and interim director. Barbara is a brand ambassador for U Motle. She is also the country chapter head for First Class On Your Becoming Namibia and Zimbabwe, and a two times TEDx speaker.

Bold Dialogue creates an atmosphere of healing, transformation and growth. In addition to bringing women together to support, mentor, and encourage one another, Bold Dialogue hosts vision boarding workshops that enable women to bring their dreams to life, and presents master classes on various topics that enable women to rise above their circumstances. Through its online activities, the organisation engages with women across the African continent.  Bold Dialogue also offers coaching and mentorship services, and publishes a newsletter that empowers women from the bedroom to the boardroom.

Barbara, who hails from Zimbabwe, is passionate about accompanying women along their healing journeys, guiding and coaching them towards emotional freedom. She is a woman who knows emotional pain too well, but has learned to work through life’s darkest storms and emerge stronger and more purpose-driven than ever before. She has survived cervical cancer, endometriosis, a hysterectomy, a divorce, abuse and also lives with an autoimmune disease. Barbara relates to women from all walks of life, experiencing various struggles. She understands what it is to be stripped of everything you had, and who you thought you were, and then redefine and rebuild your identity according to your own rules.

She’s learned that it is crucial for one to take time to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Despite living with pain, she wears her scars with pride, constantly sets new milestones, and embraces being different.


2021 World Women Vision Award Winner for Health & Wellness

2021 Master Healer Award Nominee

2020 Amahle Most Influential Woman Zimbabwe

2020 Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Alumni

2020 Zimbabwe Women of Excellence Community Impact Award Winner

2019 Tony Elumelu Foundation Alumni

2019 Confidente Woman of the Year Award Namibia

2018 First Class on Your Becoming (FCOYB) Chapter Head for Namibia and Zimbabwe

2017 NUST Secretaries Forum Award for Inspiring Women

2017 Influential Woman of the Year Namibia

2015 Namibia Economist Businesswoman of the Year finalist

Books and Publications

Lessons From Leaders Who Turned Piles of Sh*t Into Nuggets of Gold
Bold Dialogue Newsletter
Pain Heartache & Forgiveness
A Bald Girl’s Guide to Surviving Divorce
The Lamentations of an African Woman
Is it Just Me?

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Holistic Transformation

Unbecoming: The Art of Becoming

Lessons from my hysterectomy - Scaling up your business

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For your inspirational, transformational, empowering and holistic keynotes, moderation and facilitation, Barbara is your speaker.  Through her life story which took her from abuse, cancer, deafness, a hysterectomy and divorce, she imparts practical life skills that will see you through any circumstances life may throw your way.

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