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The Point is a successful business is built on making a positive impact on the environment, local communities, and the long term value of their assets.

Commitment to Sustainability :
100% Paperless - We even have tree free business cards!

All locally and sustainable sourced natural raw wood tables, up-cycled plants and garden decor.

LED smart light bulbs, solar powered energy, smart thermostat and the natural ocean breeze to regulate temperatures and reduce energy use.

Digital signage

Recycled tableware, Styrofoam ban and unlimited filter water bottle fills

Environmentally conscious events and vendors.

Value our Community :
The Point chooses local food vendors to help support our micro economy.

We donate space to local organizations to host community events once a quarter.

Member of Business for Good, a non profit organization with a mission to unite small business owners to drive policy that improves our community

Truly Technologically Enhanced :
9 big screen displays to display your branding, schedules and theme

Modular floor plans that allow for over 50 different set-ups to ensure you have the most productivity

All big screen Smart TV's equipped with Apple TV wireless connections and apps including YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, Flicker, ESPN, and more.

Built in surround sound stereo

Smart cameras, thermostats and lighting

Floating touch screen display glass wall

Healthy Living :
Natural lighting, pitched ceilings and live plants

Include wellness in your event, the Point has yoga and meditation classes available

Reconnect with nature and restart your body by playing games on our waterfront lawns or participating is water sports on Mission Bay

We provide brain food to keep you moving! A healthy mix of all the food groups, light food that won’t weight you down, and refreshing treats like acai bowls and fruit pops.

We provide flavored bubble waters so you can ditch the soda but keep the refreshment.

Our employees enjoy climbing gym memberships, regularly work offsite and are required to take vacations to keep our minds fresh

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