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The Public Servants’ Survival Guide

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Who cares about Public Servants and a survival guide?

Brenda Viola does.

Why? Because she’s walked in your shoes as a Public Information Officer for a first-ring suburb of Philadelphia. Her insights come from working shoulder to shoulder with Municipal Clerks, Librarians, Teachers, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, Building and Planning, Police, Firefighters, Administrators, and Elected Officials. Late-night meetings leading into early mornings and dealing with well-meaning but demanding citizens are just two challenges that can lead to burnout and breakdowns.

The Public Servants’ Survival Guide is for you – the unsung heroes who directly affect the quality of life in a community. You make a difference and impact people, literally, where they live. This is legacy work and while the work may energize you, the demands on your time, energy, and attention could drain even the most resilient.

You may or may not be the City Manager or Board President, but you are the CEO of your own life. Taking care of you will be the smartest thing you will ever do. And this book will help you restore joy in your work AND in your life. Instead of heading toward a breakdown, you’ll be empowered to prepare for a breakthrough.


A former news anchor, QVC show host, and PR/Marketing pro, Brenda Viola’s professional path has been diverse and fulfilling. Her decade as an award-winning Public Information Officer spurred the creation of Municipal Education (ME) Seminars. This professional skill development and personal growth initiative company helps professionals reclaim the joy of service, while avoiding burnout.

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