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Tim Goodenough co-authored the best-selling book “In the Zone with South Africa’s sports heroes,” which added new depth to our understanding of what mental skills, abilities and strategies were a vital part of the success of many of South Africa’s great performers in sport and in life.

How understanding high performance in sport will fast-track high performance in business
Imagine trying to use a black and white photo to capture the brilliance of a sunset.
From an information point of view, if the picture is taken correctly everything would be accurate.
However the essence of what makes a sunset unique and distinct would be lost. In the black and white sunset photo the information would be correct but has limited value, it is missing some key elements.

In many ways this analogy is consistent with how many people; including professional athletes and sports science professionals view high performance.

Some have got some of the details and principles, but many are missing the big picture of what is critical and how all the elements fit together.


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