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Tom Lightning knows like no other how to play a room with energy, knowledge, and humor. Speeches to be talked about - Speeches that make a difference at an event Keynote speaker Tom Sligting is one of the first comedians in the Netherlands.


With almost four thousand shows, he can call himself the most requested comedian in the Netherlands. Since 1994 he has also been providing tailor-made shows for business and government. With almost a thousand of these shows, he is a true specialist in that field. The wrap-up show, where he writes his speech at a conference on the spot, is more than special.

With all this experience, he is now also a Keynote Speaker. With his topics "presenting" and "humor", he can seamlessly connect his story to your event. Educational, energetic, and humorous. Tom can also make a difference as chairman of the day. Always sharp, but within the limits. Sincere, energetic, and knowledgeable.


There will never be a "dull moment" during the day when Tom is on stage or running into the room.


Online stand up Comedy Show


I have been able to speak at conferences for 26 years. Often as the last speaker because I release a lot of energy so that all guests stayed at the drink at the end. Every client wants that.Now with the webinar that is again such a challenge for many clients. How do I keep the participants involved, enthusiastic, and know that they will be ready next time? That requires a different approach. I would like to think along with you to follow up on this.

With your content, I can write a razor-sharp comedy show. Don't worry, I am a clean comedian, in 26 years never had 1 complaint.

If you want that your delegates will talk about your webinar, your brand, and your mission? Humor is a great tool to make that happen

Surpise Wrap up Comedy Webinar Show

You have a webinar,
and you know the concentration can be a bit low at the end?
Introduce me as a new guest of the Webinar.
I will listen, look, take notes, from a cheap webinar camera with lots of shadows.
Then, when it is my time, I can walk straight into my studio and do a professional wrap up comedy show. Everything I have heard and seen can ben in the show, together with the content you provided on forehand.

Webinar POLICE

Imagine, in the break you hear a police car. Suddenly the car is in front of your webinar screen. Then I walk in front of your Zoom screen and start to talk to the webinar guests. Of course, I can give a fine to those with bad sound and lighting. Most of all it is hilarious and creates a lot of energy and a buzz.

Webinar Window Washer

My whit Van will park in front of your Webinar Screen. Then I climb on the roof of the Van and start to wash the windows. Suddenly I notice that there is a Zoom meeting going on. Now I start to talk with your delegates and I know what Bob is doing, and Suzan, and Sagar. Because I had a talk with you. So this is actually a tailor-made comedy show. Unique in the world.

Webinar interactive Quiz

I can stand in front of your Webinar Screen as a Quiz Master. All the Zoom members can play the interactive Quiz on the mobile phone. Up to 50 on-screen, even more in the Quiz. This Quiz can be tailor-made, with your input. Together with questions from the archive.
Beautiful software shows the questions, the points of the TOP 10 and at the end, there is a winner!
If you want to create a lot of energy online, make fun and test your delegates, the Quiz is the one to choose.
Virtual Topics

    Virtual Keynote: Welcome to Disruption Land Comedy: Online stand up Comedy Show Surpise Wrap up Comedy Webinar Show Webinar POLICE Webinar Window Washer Entertainment: Webinar interactive Quiz

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