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He is well-know for being an exceptional motivational and keynote speaker, success strategist and trainer of many tools and techniques for powerful, lasting, personal and business results.

Well, here’s a man that many of us might only have thought exists in TV shows, movies or fantasy novels… Tony Wake: The Mindwalker.


Not only is he know to be one of the most skilled hypnotists in the world, able to induce hypnosis (put people in trance) with almost anyone in a matter of seconds, but he is also a facial profiler (known as physiognomist), an expert in deception detection.


This is a man who has literally traveled the world in search of the science and reasoning behind what makes us humans do what we do and to better understand what makes us “tick”.

Virtual Topics

    • Business Breakthrough (5 Day, in-depth business course)

    • Entrepreneurial Excellence (4 Day course for SME and entrepreneurial success)

    • Fundamentals of Influence (4 Day introductory course in hypnotic language and influence techniques)

    • Persuasion Power (5 Day, detailed skills development course focused on increasing powers of persuasion)

    • Public Speaking Masterclass (4 Day course, structured to build confidence and teach effective public speaking techniques)

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No Distractions, Office or Home background


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System Chat Boxes, Interacts with Audience, Yes for Keynotes, Yes for Workshops

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Yes for Workshops

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