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TrainSkills is a training company offering Training and Learning Solutions across South Africa and around the World.

We believe an organisation's greatest asset is their people and that investing into their skills development will significantly increase their job performance and personal lives, which in turn will enhance their ability to contribute to the goals of their organization and the people they work with.

Soft Skills or Career Skills

Professional skills for employees and employers can’t be taught in a classroom or measured on paper. Everyone calls them soft skills and research shows that they are more crucial to your job, overall career and personal life, than you think. Soft Skills are key to employers because they help facilitate human connections. Basically, you can be the best at what you do, but if your soft skills aren’t cutting it, you’re limiting your chances of career success.

Trending Skills Critical for Success
The 10 most in-demand soft skills

Leadership and Ethical Leadership
Time Management
Emotional Intelligent
Conflict Management
Change Management
Performance Management
Diversity Management in the Workplace

Our Training Style

Effective trainers are those who learn how to flex their style according to the needs of the participants. Effective training is learner‐cantered rather than information‐cantered. Every trainer has a unique style and training preferences of their own. The key to optimum performance in the training room is to discover these and use them in preparation, training and managing learning processes.

Graeme Lategan

Global Trainer & Learning Navigator

Primarily from the Public Service and commanding several Key Management positions, Graeme has a career wingspan in excess of 35 years. He has broad experience as a National and International Facilitator and Trainer ranging from Soft Skills, Structured leadership and skills programs to Career-focused Courses

He has a balanced and comprehensive scope of managerial disciplines with holistic and practical knowledge and is regarded by his peers as a “Formidable Leader”.

Graeme has proved to be a highly energetic and agile Learning Navigator and helps companies transform their employees into high performing assets by finding the gaps in their conventional thinking.

Graeme drives insights into, realigning business structures, and game-changing organizational behaviours – and explores methods of changing mindsets, adapting organizations, and reinventing strategy. Focusing on the dynamics of organizational leadership, change, and confidence, he teaches individuals how to flip their thinking and find an opportunity where others cannot.

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