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The Middle Keynote


Middle Intelligence: How to keep going through tough terrain.


The newness has work off. The euphoria has faded away. You come face-to-face with what you signed up for. And it’s not what you expected to see. You are now in The Middle.




Based on Travis Gale’s experience of cycling 17000km across four continents to raise R1.7mil for their cause, The Middle Intelligence keynote equips individuals and teams to develop the endurance required to navigate challenging environmental circumstances. Listeners will feel inspired to find joy in the journey, equipped with practical tools and language to maintain momentum and increased confidence in their ability to finish well.




Each Middle Intelligence keynote covers up to 3 of the 7 Middle Intelligence insights. Each insight includes vivid story and imagery from the cycle tour, practical applications for The Middle of all areas of life, personal and professional, as well sticky terms and relevant questions which ensure sustained reinforcement.




We can all pitch up at start lines. We can all celebrate a finish. But no finish is without a Middle and every Middle is where WHO WE ARE is revealed.

Virtual Topics
Virtual Showreel
Virtual Regions Presented



Modified Home Studio

Video Background

No Distractions, Office or Home background


Only One Camera


Good lighting of presenter, Artificial lights


External Microphone

Chat Boxes

Interacts with Audience, Yes for Keynotes

Polls & Questions

Q&A Sessions

Visual Aids

Pre-recorded videos, Virtual Presentations on shared screens

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