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Tyler Farnham

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Once being told his life may never get back to where it was, Tyler Farnham took action. Whilst sitting in a wheelchair with his mouth wired shut he began journaling about each day in rehab, (writing with his off hand due to injuries)

After clearing the fog of a physically and emotionally strenuous rehab, Tyler fell victim to OxyContin dependency just as the love of his life decided to leave him.

Yet again, something inside refused to let him self destruct and after 11 months of physical rehabilitation, Tyler did the impossible- he started surfing again, regained his position as a ocean rescue captain saving lives and shockingly to some, started skydiving again.

His efforts as a captain saw him awarded a lifesaving valour award as well as lifeguard of the year.

In 2012 Tyler began training to be the best lifeguard he could be with the vision of international shores on his mind and the opportunity to continue his love of lifeguarding and surfing.

11 years have passed since Tyler left Florida and he has since traveled the world doing what he loves, surf coaching, lifeguarding and his newfound passion of speaking.



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