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Tyron Harding is an Inspirational speaker from Johannesburg on disabilities and overcoming adversity.


In 2016 I was shot during an attempted home invasion. Not only did Tyron Harding nearly lose my life but he also suffered a spinal cord injury which left him paralysed from the waist down.


I found myself limited to the constraints of what I thought the wheelchair would allow, however I discovered that while I am limited physically due to my disability, what restricted me most was my own mindset...


I learnt to adapt through a simple challenge I encountered but it opened my eyes to the possibilities if I only focused on the HOW of adapting...


The HOW to adapt is centered around :


The Mindset of Adapting
Accepting that adversity may happen or may have already happened
Where your focus should be
Why adversity requires Daily dedication
Dealing with Setbacks
Support in times of Adversity

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