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Einstein once said, that you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. Well Verity Price is someone who never approaches life with the same thinking. She’s gone from walking 1200km across Europe in Hi Tecs, to performing in high heels to packed houses in Nashville and New York. From acting in local and international films, to speaking at the TEDxJohannesburg in 2009 and again at TEDxCapeTown in 2018.

As a singer and songwriter, Verity was an unsuspecting international forerunner of crowdfunding when she acted on a crazy idea to sell an album online before she recorded it. Her journey of ‘acting out the box’ rather than merely ‘thinking out’ of it, had such success, that she now speaks nationally and internationally on innovation and thinking differently.  Her story has been featured on Journey To The Core and Carte Blanche, and is also included in the HSBC ‘Top 100 Business Ideas’ in the UK and is the Wits University MBA case study on viral marketing.

With a degree in Psychology and Anthropology from UCT and as a professional speaker and strategic and lateral thinking facilitator, she works across South Africa to enable companies to innovate, problem solve and gain the competitive edge in their industries.   She has worked and spoken to teams in Mass Mart, Engen, Woolworths, Transnet, Chevron, Sanlam, Vodacom and Distell amongst others and is also an accredited Six Thinking Hats trainer and Insights Discovery team effectiveness facilitator.

She works with organisations to inspire their staff, align strategic direction, solve old problems, uncover new ideas and gain the competitive edge in their industries.  But, most importantly, Verity is passionate about helping change South Africa 1 idea and one happy team at a time.

In these unprecedented times, now more than ever, teams need to connect and envision a way forward.  Just because we've gone low touch, that doesn't mean no-touch and even in the virtual space we can still create meaningful experiences that will align teams, refocus goals & help your business adapt so it can thrive .

Workshops Available

Lead For Innovation
Skill your team with tools to help them innovate & work together to keep up with the rate of change...

Lead Your  Strategy
Align your team with a fresh approach to setting strategic direction and achieving objectives...

Team Alignment Workshops
Energize your team with  workshops to align them with a vision, purpose, shared values & behaviours...

Lead With Optimism
Inspire your audience with  keynotes and workshops that help shift mindset & shift results...

Lead As A Presenter
Build your teams ability to speak and present so that their message lands powerfully ...

If your team needs to navigate change, have a culture shift, reconnect or simply re-energize, then our team workshops are just what you need. We tailor the sessions to meet your objectives and include a high level of play and fun to ensure that people leave feeling connected and excited for the future.

Think Differently
A fast-paced workshop designed to help your team shake up their thinking and learn to problem solve and innovate together.

Team Vision
A creative and collaborative experience that allows teams to work together to create an exciting vision of the future and ensure collective buy in.

Team Purpose
An opportunity for team members to share WHY they are passionate about what they do and then work together to define their team purpose.

Values & Behaviours
An insightful experience for team members to share personal values, decide on team values and agree on the behaviours that will support them.

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