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Vladimer Botsvadze is a globally-renowned, multi-award-winning, digital transformation and social media influencer, Fortune 500 consultant, thought leader, futurist, professor, keynote speaker, startup advisor and media personality.

He has 15 years of marketing and tech experience working with the world's best brands to initiate change and drive growth. He has been called ''the world's best digital marketing consultant and speaker'', ''a visionary and an early adopter in the digital realm'', and ''a wizard at social media'' by his global clients.

The first global influencer who achieved No. 1 Marketing, AI, Retail, Management, Sales, Digital Transformation, and Innovation global ranking by Thinkers360.

He is ranked No. 2 Global Retail Tech Influencer by GlobalData. Onalytica included him among Top 100 B2B Marketing, Top 100 Digital Transformation, Top 100 Fintech, and Top 100 VR Influencers.

Vlad has won 200 global awards and is among the world's Top 20 Social Media and Marketing Speakers by Social Media Club in 2020.

The Awards Magazine recognized him among Top 32 Global Digital Transformation Influencers. Vladimer is ranked among the Top 350 Most Influential Investors and Entrepreneurs by Crunchbase alongside Ellen DeGeneres, LeBron James, Jessica Alba, and others.

Vladimer is widely recognized for his visionary leadership and trailblazing innovation.

Through his consulting, speaking, teaching, startup advising, and mentoring services, companies have grown from a groundbreaking idea into the fastest growing companies.

He has been recommended by the professionals from London Business School, Google, KPMG, MasterCard, AC Milan, Forrester Research, PepsiCo, Dell, Accenture, and other leading global brands. Top brands generated $3.5 billion growth in revenue through Vladimer's practical marketing growth strategies.

His clients attain record-breaking success and he has been interviewed by TV channels, radio shows, podcast episodes on topics related to social media and digital transformation.

Vladimer is leading a movement to help executives discover practicality in marketing and he has devoted his life to sharing his actionable tips on social media and digital marketing that help managers build their personal brands.

He is one of the most widely recognized figures in technology nowadays and delivers keynote speeches at tech and marketing summits, advises Fortune 500 brands, mentors top executives, delivers lectures at Financial Times top 100 business schools, and advises startups worldwide.

The world capitalizes on his extensive industry knowledge and some of the reasons why so many successful managers utilize his practical strategies when it comes to marketing, economics, retail, management, and artificial intelligence.

He has worked on billion-dollar marketing projects with Fortune 500 brands and his practical marketing and social media strategies have inspired the top executives to quadruple their results.

As a tech speaker, Vladimer serves as an investor and advisor to companies. He also advises boards and executive teams of the world's most powerful brands and government agencies.

Vladimer works on non-executive director roles for ongoing support and he enjoys coaching and mentoring individual executives. He has developed an outstanding stage presence who delivers inspiring talks.

Vladimer helps and inspires executives to prepare for the future of work. He assists entrepreneurs and managers in building future-ready organizations for the 21st century.

He mentors executives with unique ideas to boost their impact and create lasting legacies.

Further delivers game-changing live and virtual keynotes to drive powerful changes. Whether it's a conference audience of 2,000, a masterclass of 30, or a virtual event with your remote workforce, Vladimer will leave audiences inspired and full of ideas.

Vladimer has led a remarkable career and he jumped at the chance to start building his personal brand in 2014. His leadership has been praised by many people.

His popularity has let him travel all over the world and he is equipped with impressive qualifications.

Vladimer is an immensely influential marketing figure, with his unrivaled track record and unexpected over-delivery he reveals the marketing strategies that produce the most profitable results.

He's always ready to join conferences, panel discussions, and roundtables to inspire audiences with world-class insights on the latest trends. Business schools, Fortune 500 brands, and conferences stay ahead of the game because of his partnerships.

Moreover, top brands achieve massive visibility and he works on influencer marketing programs with Fortune 500 brands.

Vladimer shows his audiences how to make their best impact on social media and he believes everyone can make a positive impression online and build trust, which is significant in the contemporary business world.

He shares his first-hand practical experiences, which allow top leaders to grow their revenues and income, increase productivity, drive engagement, improve customer retention, and deliver extraordinary team results.

Vladimer shows global professionals what it takes to create and successfully build a startup and he inspires audiences how to build a powerful personal brand through social media platforms.

He inspires and educates organizations on harnessing the power of digital in order to maximize their success.

He is a top technology influencer with over 130,000 followers that ranked him the No. 1 Global Marketing Thought Leader by Thinkers360.

Constantly believes everyone should build their personal brands, because it opens up so many new professional paths.  His eye-opening presentation are highly insightful.

Vladimer Botsvadze

Keynote Topic Examples: 

1. Build Your World-Class Personal Brand

Accelerate Your Personal Brand's Growth Through Social Media

2. How Brands Can Win The Battle For Attention on The Web

Stand Out in a Competitive Market by Winning Consumers' Attention

3. Drive Your Sales Growth Forward 

Skyrocket Your Sales Growth in the New Economy

4. What is AI and How Will It Transform Your Business? 

AI Can Develop Your Business Models and Relationships With Customers

5. Twitter Success: How To Strategically Grow Your Network 

Discover How a Single Tweet Can Make You a Billionaire

6. Top 3 Technologies That Will Play a Key Role in 2025 

Maximize Your Business Success Through Integrating Emerging Technology Trends

7. How to Build an Influencer Marketing Strategy For Your Brand 

Find New Ways To Reach Your Target Audience

8. How Coronavirus Pandemic Will Change Marketing Through 2020 and Beyond?

Use The Current Disruption To Shift Habits and Focus on Effective Ways of Communicating

9. How Businesses Will Benefit From Voice Technology

Consumers Are Rapidly Adopting Voice Assistants Including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri

10. What is Big Data and How to Prepare For the Connected Future

Big Data Continuously Drives Business Innovation

11. The Secret of Self-Motivation and How to Build Success From Nothing

Success only belongs to those who are willing to work harder and smarter than anyone else.

12. Adapt and Survive in the Age of Disruption 

Emerging Technologies and Global Megatrends Are Colliding To Disrupt Both Business and Society

13. The Future of Ecommerce and Retail 

Improve Customer Experience and Stay on the Cutting Edge of Technology

14. The Secret to a Successful Startup

Build Your Own Startup From The Ground Up

15. The Future of PR 

Grow Your Audience, Express Your Brand, and Establish Trust

Keynote Topic #1

Build Your World-Class Personal Brand



Accelerate Your Personal Brand's Growth Through Social Media


Your online reputation matters more than ever. You will be inspired to build a powerful online personal brand using social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.


Be strategic about crafting and positioning your personal brand. Build a powerful reputation, which is vital to your success. Explore how to manage a personal brand and attract opportunities to you.


Develop a pragmatic visibility and profile strategy. Build trust and credibility. Create a culture of authenticity and trust. Use the force of social media to connect with others.

Keynote Topic #2

How Brands Can Win The Battle For Attention on The Web


Stand Out in a Competitive Market by Winning Consumers' Attention


Raise awareness for your services to potential customers and stay ahead of the curve. Find the best way to get people's attention. Discover which social networks dominate the screen and how you can tell your stories to build relationships with your audience.


Marketers expect consumers to pay attention to their messages. Every strategy begins with an understanding of your target customer. Develop a deep understanding of customers' connected behaviours, preferences, and usage patterns. Reap the benefits of content marketing and recognize the crucial role it can play for customer retention.


Think mobile first, integrate experience across all channels, deliver targeted experiences. You only have 5 seconds to get attention and answer customers' key question, ''What's in it for me?''. Amazon and Uber are raising the bar when it comes to customer experience. Meet customers' expectations by understanding their needs. Consumers like to feel listened to and think about the value your product/service can bring to them. Make them loyal to your business.


Keynote Topic #3

Drive Your Sales Growth Forward




Skyrocket Your Sales Growth in the New Economy


Discover an effective long-term strategy for sales growth. Become more persuasive in today's digital age. Attract attention and put yourself in the best position to succeed. Put emphasis on compelling communication that leads to positive influence.


Create change, discover the opportunities, accomplish goals, embrace your uniqueness to convince and convert.

Leapfrog your competition by discovering what's working outside your industry. Benefit from new trends that will help you transform your business. Get in front of consumer expectations.

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  • Patrick Kalotis
    11/12/2020 at 4:27 pm

    ”Vladimer is a social media expert who knows how to engage his audience and offer them insight that will challenge the way they think about digital marketing. He is informative, relevant, and always on the pulse.” – Patrick Kalotis, Senior Vice President at PepsiCo

    Keynote Talk - Live

  • Michele Ferraris
    10/20/2020 at 4:27 pm

    ”Vladimer is a leading expert in the field of online marketing and branding. He provides daily useful insights on digital and social networks. He is skilled at creating and maintaining relationships with people all over the world.” – Michele Ferraris, Marketing Manager at AC Milan

    Keynote Talk - Live

  • Derinda Brown
    09/12/2020 at 4:27 pm

    ”Vladimer is an impressive communicator within both global and local channels. He demonstrates a depth of knowledge in digital and online strategy that is of expert capacity with a focus for results. Vladimer has a willingness to share knowledge and empower others to be successful. It’s a pleasure liaising with him globally and highly recommended.” – Derinda Brown, Vice President, Loyalty Solutions at MasterCard

    Keynote Talk - Live

  • Denisa Scundea
    08/31/2020 at 4:26 pm

    ”Vladimer has not only become No. 1 Marketing, AI and Digital Transformation Influencer by Thinkers360, but also he is the most awarded influencer globally. His clients generate billion-dollar growth in revenue. Vladimer is a born leader, who is respected by everyone. He possesses the unique talent who inspires 40 million people annually through speeches, blog posts and social media content. He wins attention in every social network that dominates the screen. He gives every project 150% and he is an inspiration to everyone he interacts with. Vladimer sees the world faster, clearer and easier than the majority I know. He is visionary who and courageous who drives positive change worldwide. I’m glad to know such a highly skilled person and always looking forward to meeting him on global stage.” – Denisa Scundea, Former Customer Service Representative at BMW Group and Digital Consultant at Denisa Scundea Consulting

    Keynote Talk - Live

  • Maximilian Hedt
    05/28/2020 at 4:27 pm

    ”Vladimer is an inspiration for the marketing world. He always questions the status quo to drive marketing innovation. I’m happy to be able to call him a business partner.” – Maximilian Hedt, Business Development Consultant at Google

    Keynote Talk - Live

  • Jennifer Schibitzki
    04/04/2020 at 4:26 pm

    ”Vladimer is the world’s best digital marketing consultant, speaker, professor and influencer who inspires audiences and helps them stand out worldwide. His 105,000 followers demonstrate that his ideas impact businesses worldwide. Brands enjoy working with Vladimer because of his unparalleled experience and matchless expertise. Working with Vladimer means instant success for you and your company.” – Jennifer Schibitzki, Account Director at GroundTruth

    Keynote Talk - Live

  • Fatimah Radiom
    03/15/2020 at 4:28 pm

    ”Vladimer is an incredibly digitally savvy influencer and has an extensive experience in marketing, whose expertise I depend on hugely. He helps to create business opportunities and drive brand awareness for organizations of all sizes. I’ve no hesitation in recommending Vladimer as a true professional industry thought leader.” – Fatimah Radiom, Head of Global Marketing at MediaMath

    Keynote Talk - Live

  • Stefan Laurell
    02/06/2020 at 4:28 pm

    ”Vladimer shows all the time his profound knowledge of digital marketing transformation. I find him to be a true inspiration.” – Stefan Laurell, CEO at BDHR

    Keynote Talk - Live

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