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    Are you blocked as you work for your goals and dreams?

    Do you spend too much time going around in circles?

    Would you benefit from a regular burst of inspiration to keep you on track?

    This book is just what you need.

    Loaded with quirky observations and simple truths, it will have a massive impact on business and on life. It is the resource you will turn to time and again to move you forward when you want and need to. Global speaker, Master MC and Consultant, Warwick Merry shares exactly what you need to achieve success.

    Now most people get excited about a book, start to read it and then put it back on the shelf because they got distracted. This book is something different.


    Well, we do but we don’t. While you can read this book from beginning to end, it’s real value is as a “flicker" from Warwick Merry

    It is designed so that whenever you need a burst of inspiration all you have to do is flick to a page, see what it says and then take some kind of action.

    This book is all about action. It is all about helping you achieve more and you need to take action to do this. It is the reason that the book has check lists, action steps and text boxes through out.

    These are there so you can go one step beyond pondering your situation and really do something about it. When dealing with my clients, so many of them tell me that they have books, CDs and other resources that they have never used.

    It is time for a change. It is time for you to have a resource that supports our new multi-focussed, multi-challenged, multi-tasking lifestyle.

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