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After fifteen years of speaking to thousands about the empowerment of individuals, Wayne Heidle journey has taken him on stages throughout the world. As a national speaker, I have the absolute pleasure to entertain audiences using humor while delivering an important message about succeeding in the face of all odds.

My personal story is about using emotional intelligence (EI) and self-empowerment (SE) combined as “Lead to Succeed” (LS) principles to overcome vision loss and losing a valued executive career. Using these practiced principles enabled a reinvention of my life to succeed again as an assistant professor in a postgraduate healthcare university, a university director and a national motivational speaker.

  • Chairman – Orange County Transit Authority Accessible Transit Advisory Committee
  • Lecturer – Southern California College of Optometry and College of Pharmacy
  • Adaptive Technology Specialist – Ketchum Health
  • Assistant Professor – Southern California College of Optometry (Retired)
  • Director of Community Relations – Marshall B. Ketchum University (Retired)
  • Awards
    • Honorary Doctorate – Marshall B. Ketchum University
    • Every Day Hero Award – Orange County Register
    • Humanitarian “V” Award – Marshall B. Ketchum University


Your Inner Super Hero
A motivational and inspirational speech about finding that Inner Super Hero inside all of us to succeed  in life beyond expectations.

Based on Emotional Intelligence principles, “The capacity to be aware  of, control  and express ones emotions to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and
empathetically  to succeed both personally and professionally.

The  Importance of  Understanding Team concept in Leadership

Without teamwork  from your employees leadership is  an impossible task.  Let me take you on an important teamwork adventure  where success  is realized with your greatest assets, your employees and managers

Technology Today and Tomorrow
The future of artificial intelligence  and autonomous  technology can be overwhelming unless understood. In the new A.I. world, where will your place in the business world be?  Find out with this important information about your future in business


Leaders for Tomorrow (Leadership)
 With the world changing faster then many of us prefer, and with leadership practices changing with a millennial  workforce, artificial intelligence  and autonomous technology, we are all concerned about where our businesses will fit in. Join me to map a plan to assure your organization is not left wondering what happened  in this new  ever-changing world we about to enter.

The Right Stuff (Leadership)
If you do not believe that true management is about the  importance of the team then this seminar is not for your organization.  Join me to redefine the team for the 21st century where we explore a team concept where “Lead to Succeed” principles are discussed and implemented. The right stuff to manage teams in the millennial age is what this important seminar is all about.

Finding the Inner You (Emotional Intelligence)
Emotional Intelligence  – using  the capacity to be aware  of, control  and express ones emotions to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically  to succeed both personally and professionally.  Find out how to use this important key to success with your employees and managers to succeed in your organization.

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