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Wes Boshoff has 10 years’ experience as a Cultural Strategist, Leadership Facilitator, Personal and Team Development Coach and International Speaker.

He has worked across Hospitality, Retail, Medical, Construction, Education, Technology, Real Estate, Business Services, Health and Wellness, Manufacturing, Recruitment, Banking, NPO’s, Government, Religious Organizations, Innovation Hubs, Leadership Events, Entrepreneurs and Students.

Focusing on Developing Organizational and Team Culture, Strategy Facilitation and Development, Sales and Marketing Strategy, Service and Hospitality Implementation, Leadership Thinking, Personal and Professional Coaching as well as Mind-to-Market Development.

Keynote Leadership Speaker at The Facilitation and Development of Coordination Mechanism for Effective Humanitarian Response for the South Sudan Government in partnership with The UN DP, UN HCR and UN OCHA.

This event supported over 200 South Sudanese Government Leaders with Leadership skills and development tools and education in a war-torn climate.

Wes Boshoff

He was the Team Leader and Strategist for the build of Mini Cooper for the Virgin Mobile Flagship Store Launch, which was entered into the Guinness World Records.

The Mini Cooper was to be showcased at the Launch event opened by Sir Richard Branson of Virgin International.

Writer and Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, HR Future Magazine and Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Magazine, his various articles were published to discuss Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Culture issues aimed at professionals in business.

International Speaker – USA, UK, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Angola, Rwanda, South Sudan, Zambia.

Speaking to and Motivating people at various levels to continue to not just focus on their core business but to also find and focus on their cause business, their reason for their results!

Mind-to-Market: Assisting start-ups and long running businesses to effectively conceptualize and realize their brand, business, product or service, moving it from their mind to their market.

Coaching: Personal or Professional development based on a 3 to 6-month program designed to achieve the goals and vision through strategic thinking and practical real-world actions.

Strategy Facilitation: He facilitates the design and simplification of layered business strategy for best return on investment and effective market positioning, including strategic partnerships and networks.

Organizational Culture: Defining and refining people culture to achieve a strong sense of belief, belonging and behaviour. Focusing people toward checking in, not just clocking in.

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