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WHAT? Why Success Always Starts with Failure?????

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Success always starts with failure or rather, often starts with failure. Sometimes when you do something, it becomes a success but happens very rarely.



When you want to do something or start something new, try it out in a small scale so that the failure is survivable. You should make sure that adequate data are there but start in a small way. Then, always seek feedback.


There is a quote that says, ‘Action plus reflection equals progress”. Failure is only valuable in so far as it improves the future. And there will be no progress if you have failure after failure.


So always reflect on your actions and be mindful of the things. Work on your life, business, career, etc versus working in it. If you are saying that you are too busy and cant do something, understand that, that is exactly the reason why you should do it.


There is a statistic that by 30- 35, 95% of our day is automatic and that is why reflecting on things are very important. Step back, reflect, learn and grow. Be okay making mistakes as there is no thing as failure but only feedback, growth and learning.


We often give up soon but stop doing that because that is all life is about. It is a test and if you are in a place where you want exactly, then it is going to be boring. You are not going to learn anything new. So always try new things, ask for feedback from people of your industry as well as other industries, join a mastermind, get great mentors, coaches.


Thus helps you save a lot of failures, time, energy, effort. It will propel you to get further. So always remember that there is no failure, but only feedback.

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