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“live by is integrity and honoring your word.” Sterling Hawkins

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The Orbital Perspective

For astronaut Ron Garan, living on the International Space Station was transformative. If fifteen nations (some of them former enemies) can work together to create and run the most complex structure ever built in space, why can’t we work together to solve our problems on earth? Ron shows how we can all gain this “orbital […]

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Liminal Spaces Podcast

Listen to authentic human stories about how to navigate and thrive in the Liminal Spaces of life. Each episode is a unique perspective on how people have experienced or are currently experiencing seasons of waiting, change, uncertainty and transition. As you run, drive, or nestled on the corner of your couch, wherever you are, my […]

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“Don’t let the detour become your destination”. Lizette Volkwyn

Lizette Volkwyn is the coach that will flip your day, drag you up, kick your butt….BUT most of all, get you to the very best of YOU. Energetic, Dynamic and Thought-provoking…

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Future-Fit Fridays 🙂

Disruption has never been a bigger issue than it is today with Future-Fit Fridays 🙂 Every day, thousands of young people join the workforce and start businesses that are statistically doomed to fail. Future-Fit Fridays speaks to the entrepreneurially minded leader who is looking to contribute to shaping a reimagined future of opportunities. Giving insight […]

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