Mervyn George

Mervyn George | Innovation Strategist

  • Cape Town, SA

About:  Mervyn George | Innovation Strategist

Mervyn George is a seasoned technology executive, governance professional, corporate innovation strategist, exponential thinker and coach to scale-up businesses.

Mervyn’s work experience spans 20+ years, clients in 54 countries and long-term projects in South Africa, the UK, US, Belgium, Saudi Arabia and China.

He has served as a C-Suite advisor in many industry sectors, including Energy, Public Sector, Automotive, FMCG, Retail, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, Utilities and Mining.

Leveraging a wealth of experience with bootstrapped, hypergrowth and mature tech firms, he currently runs a niche advisory business helping tech firms with strategic growth projects, serves on the governing body for South African state primary school, and serves as an independent investment committee member for a South African venture capital fund management firm.

One of Mervyn’s greatest strengths is his ability to understand and decode complex topics and to disseminate simplified and understandable concepts to audiences.

His research, while at the tech firm SAP, spanned corporate adoption of analytics, augmented reality, blockchain, big data, AI and Machine Learning as catalysts to building more intuitive, streamlined, predictive working models, and the opportunities and barriers to entry for large scale corporate digital innovation.

What fascinates him most in this domain is the role of and the impact on people in the adoption of tech by companies in different stages of maturity.

Mervyn George | Innovation Strategist

Mervyn George academic profile originates in Computer Science, Maths and Applied Maths. Through a Postgraduate Diploma touching on Industrial Psychology concepts, he shifted to a passion for Organisational Behavior and his Warwick Business School Executive MBA dissertation focused on Innovation Strategy in Large Corporate.

At SAP, Mervyn led the Africa component of multiple intrapreneurship and startup accelerator programs.

Mervyn George has graduated from McKinsey’s global Black Executive Leadership program, and has attained global ambassador, consultant and coaching certifications from the Exponential Organisations global community.

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Keynote Topics

Topic 1:  Future Fit  

Format: (Keynote, Customer-Specific Inspiration Talk and/or Workshop)


The talk component looks at the digital trends impacting the client’s specific industry sector, the micro and macro-economic circumstances their business is navigating, some key innovation themes and a framework for approaching digital innovation sponsorship, planning and execution.


The workshop component leverages research into their organization, interactive discussion via a whiteboarding approach and a wishlist of priorities or areas of digital innovation to consider as a takeaway.


This combines vision painting and innovation seed-planting with a practical approach on how to make it a reality.

Title 2: Tackling Kulture

(Keynote or Customer-Specific talk)


Kulture with a 'K' talks to the high prevalence of corporate inertia that stems from a form of 'legacy mindset' existing in growing and mature companies.


The 'Kingdom' of 'this is how we do things' represented by a select group of founders and/or leaders often overshadows the needs and desires of the bulk of the workforce.


This talk introduces how this K mindset impacts productivity and prevents companies from achieving their optimal levels of productivity and performance, and provides a framework for tackling this via top-down, bottom-up and lateral.


This holistic approach helps convert Kulture to Culture, which embraces the true values and ethos of a business.

Title 3: Just 2x

(Keynote or Customer-Specific Talk)


Exponential growth is possible for many businesses and, through tweaking a handful of growth levers, the growth trajectory can become rapidly more linear.


The problem is usually the mental innability of the board and leaders to grasp what the growth could look like, what it demands of the business to support that growth, how the culture and mindset needs to shift, and what immediate adjustments need to be made.


Striving for 10x growth, as a result is often too daunting.


In this talk, we look at the granular change by asking 'how can we shift a mere 2x, not in revenue but in growth' to make that exponential shift much more palatable and see how the compounding of 2x growth on growth leads to much greater things.

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Travels from: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


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  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare

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  • Rate: $ 35,000 - 50,000

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