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Mimi Nicklin is available to present as the opening or closing keynote speaker on leadership and EMPATHY at your next Singapore event and conference.

Ms. Nicklin is a leading leadership and Empathy speaker that delivers keynotes many times per year. Mimi is available to speak at your next Singapore event and conference. Mimi has been speaking professionally for over 10 years. Her keynote topics include empathy and leadership.

By working with Mimi, you are guaranteed a seasoned speaking professional that will make your event a success. Mimi brings energy and positivity to each of her presentations.

Mimi has presented keynote presentations around the globe to some of the largest organizations in the world. Learn more about why Mimi Nicklin is the right motivational keynote speaker for your next Mimi Nicklin is available to present as the opening or closing keynote speaker on leadership and EMPATHY at your next Singapore event and conference.

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Mimi Nicklin is a recognized expert in empathy after years of speaking and now coaching. A highly sought-after keynote speaker, transformational leader, she guides individuals and businesses to capitalize on empathy and magnify their impact.

Her unique expertise is in combining practical business tactics with accelerated learning strategies to embrace change, encourage innovation and increase change for people and organizations worldwide. Mimi Nicklin inspires, empowers and guides people to achieve massive and lasting personal and professional growth, whether it be as a keynote speaker, facilitating corporate workshops or mentoring individual.

A leading international keynote speaker, Mimi has reached tens of thousands worldwide with her message of Authenticity as the competitive edge in the face of today’s complex markets. Mimi is a sought-after EMPATHY culture catalyst who inspires, empowers and guides organizations and individuals to create sustainable, high-performance strategies. Mimi through her keynote, helps leaders embrace LEADERSHIP, cultivate work empathetic cultures of greater unity and resilience, as well as strengthen their voice as purpose driven leaders.

Why Singapore

Singapore offers financial institutions and FinTechs a pro-business environment, excellent infrastructure, international connectivity, as well as a highly skilled, cosmopolitan labour force.

Singapore often gets plenty of attention in the press for reasons totally unrelated to its real charms. Sure, it’s a wealthy country whose permissive taxation policies attract millionaires like flies, but you don’t have to be a tax accountant to see the real value of a Singapore visit.

Singapore packs a surprisingly massive number of attractions: verdant parks, world-class zoos, luxurious hotels, historical structures, and deliciously cheap eats, all in a land area not much bigger than El Paso, Texas.

Singapore’s currently building the future from both glass and greenery. The city-state is currently undergoing a radical transformation into a futuristic “garden city”, with its most visible example in Marina Bay.

Formerly an empty landscape of sea and reclaimed land, Marina Bay’s skyline has been transformed by the addition of architectural marvels like the Esplanade, the Gardens by the Bay, the Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer. To see Singapore rushing headlong into the future, you need to visit Marina Bay posthaste.

You’ll also find Singapore’s creative expression much closer to the ground: commissioned public sculpture, murals and installations can be found all over the city. Orchard Road, for example, has a public art trail you can follow at your own pace. Upscale hotels like the Marina Bay Sands and the Ritz Carlton Millenia have their own collections you can admire.

Finally, you can find some of the world’s finest art pieces curated in comfy art museums like the Singapore Art Museum, Red Dot Design Museum and the Singapore National Gallery.

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