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Nathan Jamail is the author of three bestselling books, The Leadership Playbook, The Sales Leaders Playbook and the The Sales Professionals Playbook although he will tell you he is not a writer, rather a business leader that writes books for business leaders.

Nathan spent the last two + decades helping and coaching leaders and organizations on how to build winning cultures and helping great leaders become great coaches. Nathan’s passion and enthusiasm is said to be felt in every one of his keynotes and workshops. Nathan understands the difficulties that many leaders face in balancing the job of running the business and developing employees.

As a business leader in Corporate America and a small business owner for over 20 years, Nathan has a great deal of personal experience in the role of a leader and a coach which enables him to bring his successful career and hands on experience into all the work he does.

Nathan Jamail | Culture Expert

Hundreds of fortune 100 companies will tell you that Nathan Jamail’s coaching principles and books have become the core of their business and leadership principles. Some of the companies Nathan has worked with are Cisco, Microsoft, Georgia Pacific, Hilton, Transperfect, Enterprise, Verizon, JQH Hotels, The U.S. Army, FedEx, Sprint and many more.

Nathan is regarded as one of the top sales leadership and organizational leadership speakers in the industry. Nathan has helped many Fortune 100 sales & leadership teams take their performance to the next level by implementing a framework of principles that enables great leaders to be great coaches and creates a thriving culture.

The Sales Professional
Nathan does not teach performance theory, he teaches real sales street knowledge from three decades of experience. Nathan started his career in national retail selling technology and sold door to door on his off days. Eventually this evolved to B to B and government sales. In 1996 Nathan began his leadership role as the youngest regional manager in a national organization, training others how to perform.

The Sales Leader
Nathan spent over two decades as a top sales leader. Starting in 1998 he was the Performance Manager for B to B Sales and Retail for a national franchise. From 1998 to 2005 Nathan was Director of Sales in B to B, Retail, Wholesale, and Partner Performance, in 7 States. Nathan was named Top Sales Director 6 years running. Nathan learned how great leaders must become great coaches to building winning teams and cultures training others.

Why Pick Nathan Jamail as a Keynote Speaker?
Nathan Jamail is a top sales leadership keynote speaker, author and executive coach. For more than two decades Nathan Jamail has either been setting business records, or training others on how to do so. Nathan has worked with leaders in many different industries from direct sales, indirect sales, manufacturing, front line sales, B to B, online, distribution, marketing, finance & so much more.

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