Noluthando Tshabalala

Noluthando Tshabalala | Motivational #1 Speaker

  • Johannesburg, SA

About:  Noluthando Tshabalala | Motivational #1 Speaker

As early as seven years old, Noluthando Tshabalala’s greatest joy came from standing in front of an audience, articulating, and expressing herself. She was born ready for the world to hear her voice. A voice of an African woman that carries authenticity, positivity, and a new perspective.

At the age of 17 years, she set into the working world and identified creativity, communications and client relations as great interests. This led to a successful eleven-year career, as Head of Marketing & Communications as well as Head of the Video Division at Content Connect Africa. Content Connect Africa is one of the largest indie content aggregators in Africa.

Equipped with a rich and diverse business culture of the South African entertainment industry, Noluthando Tshabalala has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey as a motivational speaker, online radio show host, MC, content creator and property investor.

Noluthando Tshabalala love for connecting with great people, love for music, jovial spirit, exquisite image, inquisitive mind alongside a deep respect for her fellow countrymen and different South African cultures are all pleasant traits that make her remarkable as a person and unforgettable as a speaker!

Our world has never been more instant and real time than now. What took us weeks and months to be aware of, is now readily available through a simple click. News, entertainment, education, fitness, and other content are all readily available on any platform of our choice. Noluthando has leveraged on this and has taken her speaking talent to the world, connecting with like-minded individuals.

Noluthando Tshabalala | Motivational Speaker

Black women who are aspirers, mothers, business & career women, wives and much more. Women who are defining themselves and designing their own path.

“When I speak, I deliberately choose to say what will make the next person feel empowered than before they encountered my words. All my platforms have one mission and that is to awaken the giant within. To remind every individual of their purpose and unique star quality. The world is waiting for a gift, idea, skill, ability that only one individual in the world can fulfill. We are all that individual!”

In March 2021, Noluthando Tshabalala started an empowering YouTube series titled BeauMovation. Pair Beauty with Motivation and you get BeauMovation.

This is a series created by Noluthando Tshabalala to inspire inside out beauty. Young people, men and women alike are plagued by society making them believe that they are not good enough, not rich enough nor beautiful or snatched enough.

BeauMovation is a wellness concept where viewers can consume real life experiences and insights that can elevate their self esteem, confidence and outlook on life.

These empowering messages are paired with beauty tips and hacks. Inner work manifested through outer beauty.

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