Palesa Mosiea

Palesa Mosiea | Inspirational Speaker

  • Johannesburg, SA

About:  Palesa Mosiea | Inspirational Speaker

Palesa Mosiea speaks on entrepreneurship, embracing change, the power of dreams, overcoming challenges, woman empowerment, leadership, image and branding, confidence and assertiveness, Health and fitness.

Palesa is a thriving entrepreneur in the property, health and nutrition and communications fields who has overcome great adversity and proved that nothing is impossible.

An award winning Public speaker and entrepreneur with a vision to motivate and inspire people into taking action and making their dreams a reality, her talk “The best of Both Worlds” tells her life story and is a perfect example that choice and not circumstance determine your outcome.

Palesa Mosiea was General Manager for an international boxing promoting company Robs Promotions and is currently the Director of Communications for Robs Investment Holdings.

An international communications graduate with a passion for Events, PR, Health and Wellness and Branding, this vibrant and energetic young woman has inspired audiences through her talks for the past 15 years with a passion to change lives.

Her career as a motivational speaker has grown in leaps and bounds, having worked with the SABC, The National Gambling Authority, Anglo American, SAPS, various institutions of higher learning, government departments, Nestlé and the International Labour Organization.

As an Emcee work includes the DRC Independence Day celebration, the South African Literary Awards, the Lilizela Tourism Awards and the launch of the annual Cherry Festival to mention a few.

Palesa has a presence that lights up a room and her infectious energy brings energy to every event.

This dynamic young woman will continue to wow audiences with her positive approach to life, letting no challenge deter her from achieving her goals.

Palesa Mosiea offers a consultancy service for aspiring entrepreneurs who require funding for their business ideas and has been featured on numerous media platforms, print, radio and TV, her life motto is “if I’m possible, what is impossible?

A message she lives to share. This dynamic young woman continues to grow from strength to strength leaving a lasting impression on all her audiences.

Palesa Mosiea is always ready for a challenge, she has worked successfully for both public and private sector, she has succeeded as an entrepreneur and helped other aspiring entrepreneurs build their businesses.

Palesa Mosiea | Inspirational Speaker

She is a woman of impeccable character, tenacity and strength who will wow you with her charm and subdue you with her humility.


Palesa is managed by Gaenor Artist Management, one of the most reputable talent management agencies in South Africa.

Palesa Mosiea began acting in Kindergarten her passion for acting grow and during her time at the Tshwane University of Technology she developed an interest in theatre, she began acting in theatrical productions and during this time also developed an interest in directing, she co-directed theatrical production before she moved into the corporate space.

Her acting experience is in theatre, television and film, with her commanding distinct voice she also does voice over work.

She has worked on numerous productions for the South African Broadcasting Commission and has also worked with other independent productions.

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