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About:  #1 Modrn Business Podcast

In just 24 months MODRN BUSINESS Podcast has quickly become a top podcast in franchising and is now one of the largest franchise community podcast’s in the world.


MODRNPODCAST host and technology evangelist Ryan Hicks has been busy, producing more than [130 episodes in 2019]. MODRN BUSINESS explores business technology & lessons from growth minded leaders in all walks of franchising.”

Modrn Business Podcast

The MODRN BUSINESS content team completed a 26 state national podcast tour during the summer of 2019 and recorded 116 podcasts for both MB Podcast and its sponsor and sister site,

The Podcast now averages about 5,000 hours listened per month, with the primary audience being executives and founders of franchise brands.

The audience also ranges across all walks of the franchise community including large multi-unit operators, supplier companies, and independent franchise operators.

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