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Prides Hollow Podcast | Kelly Swanson

  • Greensboro, North Carolina, United States

About:  Prides Hollow Podcast | Kelly Swanson

Welcome to Prides Hollow, the small town with a big heart. Where people stay but the gossip travels. Award-winning storyteller Kelly Swanson takes you to her town of Prides Hollow, about a mile and a hair past nowhere.

Where the simple life is revered, ordinary heroes are appreciated, and the stories are never fancy – they’re just about the people. And everything is better with a casserole and a bless your heart. It’s the mythical town filled with people you know. Season 1 is all about the challenge Old Man Wither’s has left to the town – to do something brave.

Prides Hollow Podcast | Kelly Swanson

These are their stories.

Plenty of humor with lots of heart.

Kelly Swanson is an award-winning storyteller, comedian, motivational speaker, Huffington Post Contributor, and cast member of The Fashion Hero television show airing on Amazon Prime. She was a featured entertainer for Holland America Cruise Lines. And she just launched her first one-woman theater show Who Hijacked My Fairy Tale? currently being booked in cities all over the United States.

  • Do your people need a boost of motivation and encouragement?  
  • Do they need help adapting to stress and change?  
  • Do they need to raise their level of influence to have more impact?  
  • Do your people have an important message, but are struggling to be heard?  
  • Do you wish you could find a speaker who isn’t just more of the same – who has an unconventional approach – where every program feels written just for you?  
  • Where your people laugh themselves silly in the process?  
  • Could your conferences use a lot more energy and authenticity?  

And somebody who sends them away with lots of resources to continue the experience, like ongoing support, co-branding, digital resources, and a follow up virtual chat with your people? Want an experience they will always remember, with a message they’ll never forget? Then your people need Prides Hollow from Kelly Swanson!

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