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About:  The Culture Lab Transform

The Culture Lab Podcast is designed to help you turn your company culture into rocket fuel for meaningful growth. It explores how we can make work synonymous with fun, meaning and belonging and looks at how we can build outstanding cultures that scale as our businesses grow and the world keeps on changing.

You’ll hear me interview leadership thinkers, culture (r)evolutionaries, entrepreneurs, and all sorts of movers and shakers on this show.

The Culture Lab

The goal is to provide you with actionable insights, tips and fresh ideas around cultivating an environment where:

Your teams can do the best work of their careers.
Your business can grow with less friction, burnout and drama.
You can maximize your impact as a culture champion.

AGA BAJER is a culture strategist who works with leaders and teams around the globe to help them shape a culture that brings their vision to life.

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Podcast from: Athens, Georgia, United States


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