Category: Written Quotes

Mar 17
Jones Loflin: Leadership Quote

“Leaders create the environment that gives their people the best chance to grow.”

Nov 30
“Don’t let the detour become your destination”. Lizette Volkwyn

Lizette Volkwyn is the coach that will flip your day, drag you up, kick your…

Nov 17
“Before we can be, we have to become.” Juanita Vorster

Juanita Vorster’s consistent results and knack for simplified, practical…

Nov 11
“Chaos is a gift”. Pierre du Plessis

Pierre du Plessis cares deeply about human development, people becoming better people…

Nov 02
“There truly is no INSTANT success.” – Lisa Linfield

Good Reasons and Real Reasons: Only when teams and individuals learn to differentiate…

Oct 14
“The difference between good & great is Consistency.” Juanita Vorster

Juanita is ideal as either an opening keynote speaker at conferences and client…