Authentic Living and Leading (6 book series)


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About the Series (6 Books):

The era of Authenticity is here. Everything you need to live an authentic life of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity is encoded as a DNA-blueprint in every cell. Our DNA success-blueprint connects us to our own unique power and potential on the one side while connecting us to our universal origins, power, and potential on the other side. We have an authentic self, just waiting to be recovered and put to work. At the same time authentic leaders are emerging and taking in their place to show the way.
Unfortunately, humanity became disconnected from this universal gift.

The shadow -dwellers created a shadow ego-self living a delusional life of misinformation, lies, discord, abuse of power, conflict, poverty, and corruption. The time is here to stop and turn this downward spiral around while creating a new vision of a prosperous future of health, wealth, and happiness.

This series was developed from the last 20 years of intense research and development. Here you find not only the fundamental information of authentic living and leading encoded as our DNA-blueprint, but you also find the skills and tools you will need to to create a turnaround and inspire a leap into this new future.

Although the series is titled Authentic Living and Leading, each book covers a specific topic each person needs to master. This is all supported by webinars, podcasts, courses, and coaching.

You are invited to join this path of authentic living and leading while we take hands with likeminded people and rewrite history. Enjoy the adventure.

About the Author


Dr Brenda Hattingh is an international inspirational speaker with a passion for success and quality living while addressing the challenges of the future. She specializes in facilitating change and innovation, broadening vision, changing mindsets and visionary thinking while laying a new foundation for thinkers and leaders. As a executive leadership coach and mentor, a registered psychologist, business, corporate and leadership consultant, Brenda invests her time in utilizing personal and organizational potential. She also focuses on utilizing personal power and leadership while developing new success strategies, Power Intelligence, New Success DNA and New Leadership DNA.

Brenda is committed to the development of a new generation of successful, innovative, inspired, thinkers and leaders. She presents workshops nationally and internationally, lectures at various universities and has published various books. Brenda is also the recipient of various awards including Professional Business Woman of the Year Award.