Because It’s There

Because It’s There

Because It’s There is a podcast series about climbing the mountain of life, and leadership. It’s hosted by Saray Khumalo, the first Black African woman to summit Mount Everest, and someone who epitomizes the values any brand would be proud to be associated with: personal motivation, loyalty, leadership and a distinctly Afro-centric approach to teamwork. The series features an eclectic cast of special guests, from sporting super-achievers to businesspeople and social scientists.

Ultimately, it’s about the journey of being human and the common challenges we all face when it comes to learning.


Saray Khumalo is an award winning Mountaineer, a Guinness World Record holder who provides world-class Transformational Coaching to entrepreneurs, executives, business professionals and sales teams all over the world.

As an experienced business executive, she has a solid track record in some of South Africa’s leading financial institutions as an eCommerce and Loyalty Specialist. In 2019, on her fourth attempt, Saray summited Mount Everest, becoming the first Black African woman to summit Mount Everest — a demonstration of her resilience, irrespective of her starting point and past unsuccessful attempts.

Saray uses a combination of mountaineering triumphs and her ability to steer businesses to partner with organisations that are on a transformational journey to enable individuals and teams to identify their personal and business goals, explore and unleash their full potential and achieve set goals.