Get out of the basement



This short keynote is about answering these questions

Can you compare people with popcorn?
Does the brain have an internal traffic light?
How come you are stuck at the level of engagement that you have?


Employee engagement – how to get out of the basement and up to the top floor

Engaged employees have higher productivity, less errors, less absence, more satisfied customers, and higher growth. Yet, only a few organizations have leaders and employees that are, overall, truly engaged. Most leaders struggle to make a real positive impact which fills people with frustrations, misunderstandings, low clarity on messages, roles and mandates, and this leads to a performance level that is way below their potential. You might even see saboteurs, who make life miserable for everyone around them.

In this keynote you will get insights on:
– Why people are like popcorn
– Why Gallup might be wrong in their analyses on employee engagement
– Why you are stuck on the wrong level of engagement

Antoni Lacinai, the Workplace communication expert and author of 14 books, is a global keynote speaker and executive communication coach. Over the more than 15 years of coaching leaders and teams across the world, he has developed a unique blueprint called Your Communication Insights, based on psychology, research and experience that make people world class communicators. This facilitates massive outcomes – and more fund at work.

About Antoni Lacinai

Antoni is a communication skills trainer and keynote speaker with a focus on Workplace communication, and Customer experience.
He is both inspirational and gives concrete tips that can be used right away. Antoni has been coaching both executives and team members since 2005, online and on-site.

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