Lorne Sulcas: Full Keynote


How to not just survive, but thrive in the face of change, through potent lessons of resilience, adaptability, focus and proactivity.


The leopard’s small size renders it low down on the totem pole of Africa’s large predators and constantly facing unrelenting change and competition.


So how does the leopard still thrive across so many different terrains and in areas where bigger, stronger lions and hyenas predominate?


In this video Lorne uses the powerful story and lessons of a female leopard he tracked and photographed over a six year period, to reveal the secrets of how to thrive in a highly competitive, changing environment.


Video Information

This video is the full virtual Keynote filmed professionally in a Studio from Lorne Sulcas. The video focuses on Thriving in a Wild World.

Type: MP4 Video

Platform Hosted: VIMEO

Length: 50 minutes, 03 seconds (50.03)

Password: Full video is password protected. You have access on purchase to the full video link and password in the Purchase NOTE.


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