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Power Habits®: The New Science for Making Success Automatic®

Do you know the “how-to’s” of success, yet still aren’t where you want to be in life?

Do you have lots of “SHELF-help” – yet still feel STUCK?

As keynote speaker and Power Habits® Mentor Noah St. John shows in this groundbreaking new book, simply knowing “how to succeed” isn’t enough—because if it were, we’d all be rich, happy and thin!

In his dazzling new book, Noah reveals The Power Habits® of Unconsciously Successful People —his legendary, yet revolutionary system so YOU too can get your foot off the brake and start living the life of YOUR dreams!


Do you know the ”how-to’s” of success, yet still aren’t making progress toward your goals? Have you gone to lots of personal development seminars and read tons of ”shelf-help” books–yet still feel STUCK?

As bestselling author, business mentor and keynote speaker Noah St. John shows in his groundbreaking new book, the essential problem is that simply knowing how to succeed isn’t enough. Because if it were, we’d all be rich, happy and thin!

The truth is that human achievement is created by the unconscious habits that drive your actions. Reaching your goals is like driving a car: your conscious desire to succeed is your ”foot on the gas,” while your unconscious desire to stay where you are, is your ”foot on the brake.”

The result of more than three decades of study and experience, Noah St. John’s Power Habits System overhauls traditional personal development programs that focused on trying to change human behavior. Instead, St. John teaches The Power Habits of Unconsciously Successful People –targeting your unconscious thoughts, beliefs, and desires in order to get your foot off the brake and put you on autopilot toward success.

St. John’s life-changing program teaches you how to retrain your unconscious mind, unlock your hidden potential, and achieve measurable results in the following areas of life:

  • Your relationships: Using Noah’s methods, you will form deep bonds and mutually beneficial relationships with family, friends, and colleagues, and attract the people into your life who will contribute positively to it.
  • Your self-confidence: You will also gain a new sense of value and appreciation for who you are, leading to heightened levels of energy, genius, and creativity.
  • Your finances: You will create a more abundant lifestyle for yourself and your family, while becoming more fulfilled through your career.
  • Your happiness: You will experience a renewed zest and enthusiasm for life!
Using his Power Habits System, Noah St. John was not only able to transform his life from one of dead-end jobs and endless debt to worldwide prominence, impressive business accomplishments, and prosperity; he’s also become one of the world’s most sought-after keynote speakers and business coaches. And the results speak for themselves: Since 1997, Noah’s clients have added more than a billion dollars in sales.

Noah St. John

Learn the Power Habits of Unconsciously Successful People to activate your Freedom Lifestyle today.

Get to where you want to be in life faster, easier, and with far less effort than ever before!

Once you begin to understand the hidden connection between habits and success, everything will start to fall into place for you.

With this System, you’ll discover how to master your Inner and Outer Game so that you can have:

  • More control over your life choices
  • More free time to spend with your family
  • A more fulfilling career
  • More financial freedom
  • More vibrant health and lower stress
  • Happier relationships
  • A more abundant lifestyle
  • Greater impact on people

Stop driving down the road of life with one foot on the brake!

Right now, you exist in a state of equilibrium between the forces that want you to experience change (driving forces) and the forces that don’t want anything to change (restraining forces). These restraining forces are like having your foot on the break while attempting to hit the gas, causing you to become stuck.

Traditional self-help ‘gurus’ teach the how-to’s of success, focusing on either mindset changes or behavioral modifications. Yet neither of these things on their own are enough to produce real, lasting change. That’s because our self-defeating behaviors cannot be corrected by willpower alone; they must be treated at the level of our unconscious beliefs. The Power Habits System will teach you how to stop holding yourself back from success by eliminating the cause of self-sabotage, creating new, productive routines that will become Power Habits for achieving massive success.

Are you ready to get your foot off the brake and finally live the life you’ve imagined?

Noah is also famous for inventing AFFORMATIONS® – a new technology of the mind – and helping busy people enjoy more wealth, health, and happiness with less stress.

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