Secrets of The Ga‪p‬: Mimi Nicklin

From the author of Softening The Edge, Mimi Nicklin, this podcast has now been relaunched as The Empathy for Breakfast Show and can be found on all leading podcast platforms and Join us to continue the conversation!

Sold By: Mimi Nicklin


From the author of Softening The Edge, Mimi Nicklin, Secrets of The Gap looks at the best kept secrets and stories of the global empathy gap so prevalent in organisations and society today.

With guests from the world’s of leadership, creativity, education, mental health and employee wellbeing, this charmingly human podcast is a conversation about Regenerative Leadership and the practice of empathetic influence.

Secrets of The Gap inspires its listeners to practice a whole new set of 21st century leadership skills, in a way that may just change the world.


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