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$3595 $2876 / year
  • List 10x Venues
  • Full Listings
  • Hotel Calendar
  • Tabbed Room Feature
  • Cross Link all venues

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Key Benefits

Content Team Provided
Unlimited Tags
Add your own Events
Listing Reviews/Testimonials
Direct Marketing Funnels

About Product Benefits

No commissions or transaction fees after Yearly Fee
Verification Badge
Upload your own logo to profile
Include Booking Rates
Link Related listings
Location Map
Load 2x Video links
Load PDF documentation
Link social Media Accounts
List Accreditation's
Load client logos
Push Notification – Listing of the Day
Publish online courses
Unlimited Article Submissions
360 Days Subscription
Promoted Profile Optional

Further Inclusions:

Call Me button on listing
Mail Me button on listing
In-App Messaging
Upload PDF Files
2 x Video Links allowed
All Social Media Links
3x Galleries (Venue, Rooms)
Tabbed Room Details
Link Hotel Calendar
Full Contact Details
Verified Profiles
Yearly Subscription