Wild Hearts at Work

A podcast redefining our relationship with work through stories and conversations with wild hearts who have dared to challenge the status quo.


The pandemic has opened the door and accelerated the movement for change in the workplace.


The Great Resignation is just the beginning of employees demanding a different relationship and experience with their jobs. A clear message is being sent by employees all over the world: the time for change is now.


It is my mission to change individual lives and, as a result, entire organizations. To bring hope to suffering leaders and employees alike, and revolutionize the way we work together. I am excited to see what products and services that organizations will produce when they begin to see humans as humans, and unleash them to do their best work.


As your speaker and consultant, I am here to help you craft intentional experiences that do more than just retain talent – but that ignite a new sense of ownership and commitment in employees AND in you.